This is how Motrix works, an open source and cross-platform download manager

A download manager is a program that helps users download files from the Internet so that they can be paused or resumed if necessary during the process. They are very useful especially when downloading large programs and files. They serve as a more specialized alternative to the integrated managers of the browsers themselves.

One of these managers is Motrix, which stands out among users for its multi-platform capacity (It executes in Linux, macOS and Windows) and for being free and open source. In the following lines we are going to remind you why it is useful to have one of these applications and you will learn more about how Motrix works.

An introduction to download managers

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When you are browsing the Internet and you make a download, your browser takes care of managing it. Usually through very basic internal managers. Nevertheless, if you download a lot from the Internet or use direct download links, it is recommended to look for an alternative: the download managers.

The most essential thing is that they allow you speed up downloads, pause and resume them, or order them to give more priority to some than others. But it is that depending on the management application you use, these functions can go further and allow you to manage accounts, decompress files or automatically obtain the links of a specific website.

What basic and interface features does Motrix have

Motrix has a graphical user interface with a double pane and a sidebar. The tab "Tasks" is the main screen, it has three tabs of its own, to access the downloads in progress those that are paused and completed. To start a new file download, you need to click the + button in the sidebar. Another of its characteristics, as ghacks recalls, is that the application automatically collects a URL that is on the clipboard when you press that button.

Another of its main specifications is that it allows you to download files through HTTP / FTP, BitTorrent (also through Magnet links) and Baidu Net Disk.

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In addition, there is a speed meter function, located in the lower right corner and that indicates the current download speed, although you can also see this information in the download progress displayed in the right pane of the Motrix interface.

How to start using Motrix

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The first thing, you have to go to the official website,, and download the program. About him box that says "download" you have to choose the operating system you have on your personal computer. When you click on one, a pop-up window will appear and you must select "Save file" to download it to your PC.

Go to the download folder and click on the icon to install this program. You can decide if you want that be it just for one user or for all users using the same computer. The download is very fast.

Motrix options for adding a new download

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When you have the program on your PC You can go to the button with the + sign, located in the right column of the screen. You can choose to download something from a URL or from Torrent. You have the possibility to change the name of the file and decide where you want the future download to be saved.

If you click the advanced options button, you can add a user agent, referrer, and proxy. The download manager is located in the system tray and has a menu with options to quickly start a download.

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Motrix it can also download torrents, you can drop a file on the second tab of the page of "new download" or you can paste a Magnet URI link in the first tab, and the application will recognize it, search the torrent metadata and start downloading the content.

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Other curiosities of Motrix that you have to know

Another function is to stop or pause downloads while they are taking place. When the download of a file is finished you can click on this about the program and your PC will take you to its location in Windows Explorer.

According to ghacks, Motrix is ​​an open source Electron application and the program uses about 125-130MB of RAM when running in the background. It stands out that the use of resources during the download remains in a similar range. Everything points to what Aria2 does the heavy lifting, so the download manager interface is quite light in resources. Motrix is ​​based on Aria2.

The program does not have official extensions for the browser, but works with third-party plugins that support Aria2. You can go to the Settings> Laboratory section, and you will find the recommended extensions.

Something to keep in mind is that the program cannot be used to download videos, unlike most of the download managers on the market. In addition, the program does not keep the download history, so it is as if you start from scratch every time you close it and reopen it.

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