This is how the Google Photos algorithm works that orders your image gallery

It's not magic, it's algorithms: this is how Google Photos manages to organize your images in different themes.

Google Photos has become the preferred tool of millions of users around the world when it comes to save and organize the images and videos of your life. It is a service that is much more than a "gallery in the cloud", thanks to functions such as the "memories“, A recently added element that allows visualize memories of a specific topic in form of stories in the purest Instagram style.

The Google Photos memories They have been adding value to the experience with the app for more than a year now, and over the months, we have seen how the application was generating new collections on different themes. Today, there are already many themes of images and videos that we can find in the application.

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What are Google Photos memories and how do they work?

If you open the Google Photos app right now, at the top of the screen you will find a featured image carousel. This is the section that Google refers to as “Memories”.

When tapping on one of the available memories, you will see a series of stories in the style of those of Instagram or other apps and social networks, which allow you to see images from several years ago, or those organized based on different themes.

This is how the Google Photos algorithm works that orders your image gallery

These themes are generated by Google through algorithms based on artificial intelligence, which examine our collection of images in search of those that are similar, or that may be part of the same group.

All the themes of memories available in Photos

This is how the Google Photos algorithm works that orders your image gallery

As explained in Android PoliceOver the last few months, users of Google Photos have been finding more and more memories of different themes. Today, these are all that have been discovered - bear in mind that some of them do not have a clear translation into Spanish, or which one has not been specifically discovered:

  • Looking for the gold: sports scenes.
  • Heart of the city: city scenes and metropolitan skylines
  • In the center of attention: live performances, plays or concerts
  • Splashing: Waterfalls, water parks and the like
  • Sand and sea: beach scenes
  • In the countryside: plains and agriculture scenes
  • Roller coasters and attractions: amusement parks and the like
  • The best of winter 2020
  • move on: dance floors and impromptu dances
  • Health!: group photos in restaurants or bars
  • In the woods: tree scenes or on top of viewpoints
  • Let's play!: table games
  • On the top of the world: on top of hill and mountain peaks
  • The magic hour: images and clips at twilight
  • What are you cooking?: in the kitchen, at the dining room table
  • Out to play: children playing and having fun
  • The year in review
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Seeing the good reception of this function by users, it is to be expected that Google will continue to include new themes for memories in Photos. If so, we will update the previous list to include all of them.

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