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this is the agreement between the cultural industry and the Spanish operators

Today will take place the signing of the first major agreement against 'content piracy' between telecommunications operators and Spanish cultural industries, in an event promoted and chaired by the Ministry of Culture and Sports.

The three parties have celebrated the achievement of what constitutes the first voluntary code of conduct that self-regulates collaboration between cultural operators and industries when proposing measures that hinder access to websites that disseminate content protected by copyright.

The agreement will apply "to those websites whose infringing nature of intellectual property rights has been judicially declared [...] provided that certain conditions of repetition of the illegal conduct concur ".

Said agreement contemplates the creation of a technical committee (in which the ministry may intervene at the invitation of any of the parties) whose task will be to prepare weekly listings of websites that replicate the contents of anothers already indicated by precias judicial rulings.

How to bypass the blocking of operators to a download website from Spain

The text, prepared by a joint working group during the last year, has been reviewed by the National Commission of Markets and Competition (CNMC), and is protected by the Intellectual Property Law of 2019.

Downloads, industry and operators

In addition, it will be signed today by representatives of the 'Content Creators and Industries Coalition' as well as the Internet access operators integrated in DigitalES (Telefónica, Orange, Vodafone and MásMóvil), as well as Euskatel and Eurona.

The Creators Coalition, in turn made up of copyright management entities (including the SGAE), has been for years disseminating figures on the scope and impact in Spain of digital 'piracy' activities, through a 'Piracy Observatory' whose figures have been frequently questioned, even by the ministry itself.

The operator sector, on the other hand, in recent years it has also starred in some quite controversial initiatives related to cases of cultural material download, such as the well-known 'Euskaltel Case' in which said company (and others, such as Movistar) carried out threats by letter demanding money to avoid going to trial for P2P downloads.