This app turns your Android into a desk clock and timer to avoid distractions

Manufacturers like OnePlus have been implementing modes like Zen Mode for a long time, to avoid distractions. On the other hand, Google does the same with its Digital Wellbeing, although there are developers who try it with their own applications. Zen Flip Clock is one of them.

With this app we can turn our Android into a desk clock that, apart from telling the time, is capable of applying the Pomodoro method countdown (to work concentrated for a certain time and without distractions). We are going to tell you how the app works, free and no ads.

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A great app to improve your concentration

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There are many apps that try to improve our concentration, although Zen Flip Clock is one of the best. It has accumulated more than 100,000 downloads and its evaluations are very positive. It is a very simple app that works brilliantly on AMOLED panelsAlthough if you have an LCD screen you can use it without any problem.

The app shows us a clock that occupies absolutely the entire screen, to avoid distractions. This watch can either mark the time or serve as a timer. The timer is set according to the Pomodoro method so, by default, it is set to 25 minutes (although we can change this value to taste).

The app is primarily intended for use with the Pomodoro method. When you want to concentrate, you put the timer and do not touch the mobile until it ends

We can change the theme of the application, its interface, show the date and little else. It sounds simple, but it is a well designed and perfect application to increase our productivity. It's completely free and ad-free, although some features are unlocked by paying.

Zen Flip Clock

Zen Flip Clock

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