The Windows keyboard shortcuts you need most for the daily activities you do with your PC

We all know certain keyboard combinations that can streamline a process with activities that you do on a Windows computer. You are writing a text and you need to transfer it to another document or website. You just have to select it and click on CTRL + C and then CTRL + V. It comes out almost automatic and means that in a couple of seconds you can copy a text and paste it elsewhere.

Here is a list of keyboard shortcuts, multi-key combos, that you can use on a Windows-based PC and that, if you get to automate they will save you a lot of time in your tasks or they will allow you to do things that you probably don't know you can. Look for the options that you use the most in your day to day to learn how to do them through the keyboard of your equipment.

The most useful keyboard combinations for common activities


Most of the combinations that you will know here are focused on improving productivity. This means that things can be done faster and repetitive tasks simplified.

  • If you want to cut a text. You are writing in a document and you want to completely remove that text from there but save it to the clipboard to share it in another document: CTRL + X.

  • If you want to paste the text. After the action of cutting (or copying, already mentioned), you have to paste the text into another document so that it is not lost: CTRL + V.

  • If you want to minimize all sales, even the one you are using and go to the desk. You have to press: Windows key + D.

  • If you want to close the window you're in. Instead of going with your mouse to the X in the upper right corner, you have this option: Ctrl + W.

  • If you want to reopen the window you just closed. Suddenly you realize that you didn't have to close the window yet and you want to reopen it. It's very simple: Ctrl + Shift (the key with the arrow pointing up) + T.

  • If you want to print a document or the page you are browsing.. You just have to combine these two keys: Ctrl + P.

  • If you want to undo an action. Combine Ctrl + Z.

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  • If you want to redo an action. You have discarded something and you are arrested for that decision or you have done it by mistake and you want to re-enter a text that you have deleted or a photo that you have removed, for example. You must select Ctrl + Y.

  • If you want to search for a text within the window you are in. You must press Ctrl + F and a box appears in the lower right where you must enter what you are looking for.

  • If you want to restore a window that is minimized. And so that window is back to full screen. You must select Ctrl + Shift + M.

  • If you want to turn off the computer. There are several ways to shut down your PC with the keyboard in Windows. The easiest and fastest way is to press Alt + F4 at the same time. The Alt + F4 combination is also used to close the system windows and applications so you have to have all the programs closed because if not, what you will do is close the tabs in which you are browsing.


  • If you want to open the file explorer. If you want to go to your files without having to look for the typical folder and click on it, you just have to use these two keys: Windows + E.

  • If you want to change the tab within the browser. You are browsing and you want to move tabs. You just have to click on Alt + Tab.

  • If you want to open Cortana. To enter this Microsoft voice assistant you have to use the Windows key + C (Cortana, clearly). Remember that the shortcut is disabled by default, and you have to activate it in Cortana's settings.

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  • If you want to open the Windows 10 settings panel. You just have to press on the Windows key + I.

  • If you want the mouse cursor to be placed automatically in the Windows search engine. Click on Windows + S.

  • If you want to go back, to a previous page. Alt + Left Arrow.

  • If, after returning, you want to go forward. Alt + Right Arrow.

Windows activities that can be performed with a single key

In addition to the useful combinations we've seen, there are keys in Windows that, by themselves, can quickly help you perform an action. Here is a summary:

  • If you want a screenshot of your screen.. You just have to click on the Print key and the screenshot of your screen is saved to the clipboard. Then you have to go to a program like Paint and paste with CTRL + V.

  • If you want to open the start menu. Simpler impossible: you have the Windows key, the window of four squares.

  • If you want to change the name of the selected item in the file explorer. Just hit F2. If you have a laptop and the F2 key is also used for another function such as dimming the screen, then you must use fn + F2.

  • If you want to update the window you are in now. Select F5. On a laptop, accompany this along with fn.

  • ** If you want to stop the current task or exit it ^^. Just use esc. It's a key in the upper left corner.

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