The Windows 10 taskbar will receive small but useful news, in exchange for getting worse for those who do not pay for Windows 10

Although the system changes little by little and In some ways it looks little like the one Microsoft launched in 2015Microsoft is preparing major changes for Windows 10 in 2021. The biggest ones go through Sun Valley, the version with renewed aesthetics that will arrive in the second half of the year.

However, while waiting for Windows 10X, there are also minor news to come that will improve the experience in small details of the day to day (like everything that is much appreciated lately in desktop operating systems). According to Windows Latest account, in a new version of Windows 10 that appeared on the Dev channel, very interesting changes are shown in the taskbar.

Accessing files will be easier from the taskbar

Windows Latest

Windows Latest.

Today, when we right-click on an open application on the taskbar, the system gives us different options. What Microsoft is preparing now in Windows 10 is to expand those options, and the key is that We can access a file from one of those applications with the option "Open file location".

Thus, in a direct and meaningful way, we will save using the system search to access files that we have in mind related to an application that we usually use.

How to fully customize the taskbar in Windows 10

Another novelty for the taskbar is that Microsoft plans to remove options from the contextual menu that appears when you right-click on the bar. Microsoft is taking some of the options so far contained there to 'Settings', giving more meaning to this half successor of the Control Panel, but taking away from the user options that are appreciated to have at hand without diving too much.

A problem that this implies is that the taskbar options in settings are not accessible if Windows 10 is not activated, so users who use it without activating it will have less customization capacity when hiding the search bar, for example.