The success of the Clubhouse model is total and Instagram adding audio rooms is (sadly) the umpteenth confirmation

Instagram is the latest major service to incorporate an audio room feature that fully mimics the feature popularized a year ago (albeit with much less fervor) by Clubhouse. As in other cases, from Instagram they have chosen not to launch an application separate from the rest of the service, and what they have done is to convert the Live Rooms into audio rooms.

A) Yes, the video rooms that they already had now allow the video to be turned off in a broadcast, which, de facto, turns them into audio rooms, although at the moment they do not have an interface of circles for participants as popularized by Clubhouse and that others like Twitter with their Spaces have copied.

The novelty seems to have already reached all Instagram users, who will be able to see how to use this popular function of other less popular social networks they do not have to leave it. They have reached Instagram earlier than Facebook (which already has something similar in place with Live Audio Rooms), and it is yet another example of how Silicon Valley almost completely, together with other great actors, has validated the Clubhouse model as it was validated that of Snapchat Stories.

Club House


Clubhouse, way to be Meerkat


It was 2015 when Meerkat was launched as application to popularize live shows Of video. Yes, that as common today as a live video on Instagram, Facebook or even Tiktok, was not so common six years ago. However, the exclusivity was short-lived, because Periscope was launched with a practically identical but more refined approach. Live video became fashionable at the level of stories, everyone was doing theirs, even if there was nothing to tell.

Starting from there, Twitter ended up buying Periscope, Meerkat was forgotten and all the big social networks ended up including the live ones. From being promising, it became the new standard. And there was no longer differentiation. The founders come up with a great idea, and Silicon Valley follows. It happened there, it happened with the stories.

Perhaps it is not strictly necessary that all apps be like Clubhouse

What is striking in the case of audio rooms is that everyone has rushed to copy them even before waiting to see that the model was something that was used massively, as if trying to get ahead of it so as not to be left behind. In a social media industry with such frenzy changes, everyone knows that if you are late you can stay out forever, and the Clubhouse case is the most paradigmatic. Now we just need to know if, despite news such as a valuation of 4,000 million dollars, it ends up being the new Meerkat.

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