The notch will continue on the iPhone at least until 2022 (and they are already 4 years behind on Android)

Experts say that Apple will not abandon its iconic and criticized 'notch' until it can integrate Face ID without concessions under the screen ... Will it be in 2023 with the iPhone 15?

Some time ago, almost from its birth with the Essential Phone - no, it was not Apple who invented the notch-, the truth is we have all disagreed on the need to implement these hideous notches in the displays of our brand new mobiles, no matter how much the front camera and other components have to be integrated somewhere.

In fact, on Android, many manufacturers have also been exploring options for a long time, the most widespread being the holes in the screen, to delete a notch that only Apple seems to like you, and it is that as reported by reputable international media such as GizChina or PhoneArena, in Cupertino still comfortable with a notch they won't leave with the hypothetical iPhone 13 that we will see this year.

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Already almost an icon, Apple will continue to show off its notch for a couple more years.

In fact, it is that an analyst as authorized in the Apple world as Ming-Chi Kuo has stated that neither iPhone 13 nor iPhone 14, but that Apple's first smartphone without notch will be released in two years in the form of a hypothetical iPhone 15 that in 2023 would receive a clean front, without holes or dressings, with all its components integrated under the panel perfectly hidden.

The most authoritative voices in the industry talk that Apple will continue to rely on Face ID exclusively, and that is why there will be no iPhone without a notch until the sensors are ready to work perfectly from under the OLED panel.

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The near future of the iPhone goes through 48 megapixel cameras and 8K video

At least, there is some other good news, as the sources say that the notch of the iPhone 13 of 2021 will be smaller than the current oneas it seems that Apple has found a way to miniaturize and / or better integrate the TrueDepth sensors that Face ID uses, which will be ready, according to what we are told, to hide under the screen around the year 2023.

We already know that Apple does not place technologies yet to be polished, so we understand that will wait for the best possible experience before abandoning their current iconic designs with that notch which, on the other hand, many users like too little.

For now, it seems that the Cupertino giant will settle for giving one more turn to your main camera, with a new main sensor 48 megapixels and higher resolution, up to 8K, to record videos at an almost professional level. The LiDAR and the ability to binning to combine 4 pixels and obtain 12 MP images with the maximum possible light information.

It remains to be seen that yes how many frames per second it will be able to record in 8K, since the current iPhone 12 Pro Max are capable of reaching 24, 30 or 60 FPS in 4K without messing up.

Surely we will see in the coming weeks and months many more rumors and leaks around the iPhone 13?, Although Ming-Chi Kuo is not usually wrong and everything he has told us for now is quite credible ... Patience!

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