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We have great news to share with you: the Webedia Spain family is growing. Today we present you Xiaomi World, the new reference publication to keep up to date with everything related to news from Xiaomi, which is undoubtedly one of the most popular brands and with a more varied (and prolific) product catalog of the moment.

It officially arrived in Spain in 2017, but before that Xiaomi was already on everyone's lips. Its high-quality products at knockdown prices made its fame reach practically every corner of the world and it is currently one of the brands that sells the most mobile phones (the third, to be exact). From today, You can keep up to date with everything related to Xiaomi with Mundo Xiaomi.

We are looking for collaborators for Mundo Xiaomi: If you are passionate about technology (and especially Xiaomi), have experience writing and would like to be part of the Mundo Xiaomi team, you can apply here.

News, analysis, reports and much more: everything you can read in Xiaomi World

As we said, Xiaomi is one of the most prolific brands, both in terms of launch rates and variety of products. It is for this reason that news is one of the main topics that we will cover in Xiaomi World. Here you will find rumors about future launches, new products, events and ultimately We will tell you everything that happens in the Xiaomi universe.

Of course, the buying guides with which our colleagues could not be absent will help you choose from the huge catalog of Xiaomi products (like this one for scooters, this one for mobiles or the one for air purifiers), they will give you gift ideas and will also inform you about all the offers so you can get the best bargains. And pay attention to Fridays because we will have the classic Hunting Bargains Xiaomi edition.

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Practical contents are a key part of Mundo Xiaomi. You will have at your fingertips endless tutorials with which to get the most out of your device, from how to record calls with your mobile to recipes for the Xiaomi rice cooker. There will also be space for product analysis or in-depth reports such as a review of all the logos that Xiaomi has had since its birth.

Xiaomi World has just been born and already has a lot of content, but this is just a small sample of what is to come and we want you to be part of this trip that starts. We encourage you to visit us and tell us what you think, as well as leave suggestions or requests in the contact form.

Note: Xiaomi World is possible thanks to the collaboration of Xiaomi Spain, which respects our editorial independence and does not participate in the choice or development of the themes.

How to keep up to date with everything we publish in Xiaomi World

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We are waiting for you at Mundo Xiaomi!

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