The Netflix of Android applications already offers more than 800 apps and games under Google Play Pass

Google Play Pass is a subscription service that offers Hundreds of complete apps and games without in-app purchases to all subscribers. With more than a year of life, and after it has been in Spain for almost nine months, Google has announced that Play Pass now offers more than 800 apps and games, many of remarkable quality.

With the rise of Netflix subscription services, with all the catalog included and on demand, there are many platforms that have been added to this way of offering multimedia content. Movies and music are the norm, also streaming video games. And applications are a market that is expanding: there are Apple Arcade (games only) and Google Play Pass (apps and games). Thinking of subscribing from your Android? Well, your mobile has a lot to offer.

A growing catalog of quality and with more games than apps

Google Play Pass April

Google Play Pass started with a very small catalog of software. With international expansion, this catalog was expanded, but it was still insufficient. And today the number of options has grown greatly, both for those looking for apps and for those who prefer games. All ad-free, with all purchases disabled and with full software.

This is Tivify, the streaming service that also recommends content from Netflix and other platforms

As Google itself has communicated, the Play Pass baggage has become a catalog with more than 800 proposals. Within this catalog there are real Android jewels, although there is still a pending issue: the applications. We have subscribed to the service since Google Play Pass landed in Spain and we have experienced first-hand this lack of good applications.

Google Play Pass adds news every week, some of the quality of Football Manager 2021 or Dead Cells, two of the most recent additions to the catalog. The cost is not too high, especially if the subscription is purchased for one year: this amounts to 29.99 euros per year; or 4.99 euros per month. It is a service that 'gamers' can easily make profitable, not so much those who are not used to playing on mobile.

Google Play Pass

Hopefully Google will put more pressure on the app side; without underestimating the quality of the games, which is quite high. Despite the shortcomings, Play pass is a great service. And it's a relief for those who hate ads and in-app purchases.

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