The most curious gadgets for your kitchen are only on AliExpress

Surely you have never seen these tech products for the kitchen ...

AliExpress has one of the largest catalogs on the internet, an immense variety of articles of all kinds they are just a few taps away. Among them, by the way, quite strange products ... Today, however, you can find some kitchen utensils tech that are only sold on AliExpress.

These tech utensils can be yours thanks to AliExpress.

This is the blender that the Chinese firm sells.

The Xiaomi blender will serve you to destroy with evil and speed all kinds of fruits, vegetables and even ice. Don't leave a single lump, your shakes will be the smoothest you've ever tried. You take it with a 30% discount ...

Cook comfortably almost anywhere.

This small portable hob is perfect for cooking anywhere. All you need is a plug to connect it to the electrical current. It can be yours for less than 30 euros thanks to AliExpress.

The electric kettle will keep the liquid hot until you serve it.

It does not matter if you are a true fan of tea or only drink it once in a while, this teapot can be the most useful tool to prepare it. You will have hot water whenever you need it, it even arrives prepared for overheating. You take it for less than 30 euros.

This Xiaomi steam oven costs less than 50 euros

There is no healthier way to cook vegetables or any recipe you can think of. Xiaomi's steam oven is the size of a microwave, you can place it in any corner of your kitchen. In addition, it is compatible with the application My Home from the Chinese firm.

You will not be able to embroider a dessert without having the exact measurements.

This convenient portable blender will get you out of a lot of trouble. Grind fruits in just a few seconds and create the most original smoothies in the simplest way. You will not have to pay more than 40 euros, arrives with free shipping.

This electric corkscrew is another of the curious products of AliExpress.

The electric bottle opener that Xiaomi sells will help you uncork in just a few seconds. You can charge it via USB and have it ready whenever you need it. You take it with almost 10 euros discount ...

This is Mijia's pressure cooker.

This Mijia pressure cooker features a capacity of 2.5 liters and a power of 650W. It is fully electric and is manufactured in stainless steel so that it stands the test of time. In addition, it is compatible with the Xiaomi Mi Home application.

The best companion to get a perfect rice.

It is one of the most curious products that the Chinese firm sells. The Xiaomi rice cooker can be used to make steamed rice, but also other products like eggs, potatoes, or even noodles. You will cook intelligently to always find the best spot. You have it for less than 30 euros.

Put it on the tap and enjoy a purer water.

The water from your tap has never been so pure. Placing the Mijia filter is very simple, it has a carbon structure that will be responsible for collecting all impurities. It will also prevent the passage of bacteria.

A poorly sharpened knife can be dangerous.

A badly sharpened knife can be very dangerous, and this tool is perfect to avoid any accident. You will only have to pass the blade of your knives so that they cut again like the first day. Forget about accidents in the kitchen.

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