The hypothetical Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 says yes to the S-Pen, but it will not arrive integrated

What if in the end yes? It seems that finally, the third iteration of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will offer support for the S-Pen ... Even without integrating it, yes!

For many weeks now we have been talking about a still hypothetical Galaxy Fold3 that, without a doubt, is already in the factory's blast furnaces Samsung to evolve logically on a basis that improves with each iteration, and that will come to complete what they already call the year of folding ... The third time, the charm! _

There has been a lot of information and too many rumors, none very reliable yet, although the latest information that we filter from SamMobile does convince us a bit more, since they apparently tell us about the Samsung's work with a next-gen Galaxy Z Fold that will support the S-Pen, although still with certain conditions.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2, presentation

The Samsung Galaxy Z Fold2 will serve as the basis for a logical evolution in 2021.

And it is that yes, the glass Ultra Thin Glass from the South Korean manufacturer and its Foldable Dynamic AMOLED panels seem already prepared for the native support of the popular stylus Samsung optical, which will surely become the star accessory of practically all of the range more premium from Samsung after its premiere on the Galaxy S21.

Samsung's flagship productivity accessory, its S-Pen stylus, will probably land this year on the South Korean giant's folding carts, proving that we should never have seen a Galaxy Fold without a stylus.

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In any case, in the same way as in the current Samsung flagship it seems that This S-Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold3 will not be integrated into the body of the device either, so there will be no last name 'Note' but only the support to an essential external accessory in productivity environments.

Sources say that given the internal design of all Galaxy Z, including its hinge, it would be excessively complex due to the little interior space, so instead of compromising the design of the terminal it seems that Samsung will opt again for a sleeve with space for the stylus... We will see how this is in a folding mobile already quite thick by concept!


Expanding on more details about it, it seems that indeed Samsung would have studied long and hard the possibility of integrating the accessory to definitively 'kill' the Galaxy Note and / or launch a Galaxy Z with this surname, but as this option has transcended compromised the internal space for the battery and certain key components, plus worsen the durability of the device regarding liquids and dust.

For now, there are not many more details of a device that should start from the base of the current Galaxy Z Fold2 to evolve logically in a still immature market, which Samsung has explored by laying the foundations for a book-like form factor that seems to now prevail with options from Huawei and Xiaomi to compete seriously.

To see the newest from Samsung in your Galaxy Z family we will have to wait for the summer in all likelihood, so for now watch out for rumors and a lot of patience until it's available.

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