The five best applications to keep our drivers updated in Windows

Keeping the software of our equipment updated is a key aspect to guarantee its security and proper functioning. But drivers or controllers are a part of the software that we sometimes put aside.

The process of installing and updating the drivers is usually left to the operating system itself, but sometimes we require more complete alternatives to keep our drivers up to date.

Driver Booster

Driver Booster

This application developed by IObit is compatible with all recent versions of Windows (starting with XP). After analyzing the computer, Driver Booster draws up a list of installed drivers and detects which ones are obsolete (claims to have 3 million in its database), allowing you to update them and previously create restore points.

An interesting aspect of this software is that, in addition to the drivers, it also deals with keep other computer components installed and up-to-date, such as libraries and runtime environments (Java, MS Visual C ++, .Net Framework, PhysX, etc).

It is also possible to schedule periodic (and silent) checks of the same, both characteristics (such as the creation of restore points) exclusive to the premium versionAlthough the free version is still a very interesting option to keep our drivers up to date.

Firmware: what it is and how it differs from drivers

Driver Talent


DriversCloud is, as its name already suggests, a cloud-centric tool. That means that the application that we install on our computer is limited to collecting information about it that will then be sent to the servers from DriversCloud, to finally show us a report on all our drivers (as well as some other aspects of our PC) that we can view from the website itself.

The download of the drivers is done from said web report, and once downloaded we will have to perform the installation manually.

AVG Driver Updater


The AVG and Avast antivirus developer company also has its own driver updater: AVG Driver Updater, compatible with Windows 7/8/10. Like all AVG apps, it requires an AVG MyAccount user account.

Its database is made up of 500,000 drivers; the bad news is that the free version only allows you to scan and notify the user of which drivers you need to install / update, but it does not allow the installation to be carried out.

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin

Snappy Driver Installer Origin is quite different software to the above. First of all, by be free software (Let's forget, therefore, to have a free version and a premium version) and portable (no installation required).

Second, because it does not require an Internet connection when installing the drivers: we can download all the drivers together with the program, with which we will obtain a 'package' of a total of 14 Gb of weight.

Other two options What the program will provide us will be to download only the indexes (just enough to be able to know which ones are obsolete) or only the network drivers (LAN, WLAN and Wi-Fi, to be able to quickly put the equipment online).

In short, it is a program aimed primarily at computer technicians. Its interface, less elegant and usable than that of its rivals, also offers greater control to the user (especially after activating its 'Expert Mode').

DUMo (Drivers Update Monitor)


DUMo is a tool that will allow us to automatically analyze our equipment to identify what hardware has this one, what drivers we have installed for the same and what is it the latest version available from each of them.

Also available in Spanish, the DUMo interface is simpleOh clear, especially when it comes to showing us the update level of each driver.

Unfortunately, the downside is that the free version of this software will not allow us to automate the download and installation of the drivers: accesses to "Get this update from the DUMo page / from the manufacturer's site" will only take us to the developer's purchase website ...

...but your database seems to be quite up to date, so it is useful as a reference to allow us to manually search for the drivers in question later. And if not, we will always have the option of acquiring a 'lifetime' license for 25 euros.

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