The "Disaster Girl" meme sold as NFT by its now-adult owner for half a million dollars

One of the most famous internet memes has been sold for a lot of money on the net: Zoë Roth, better known as "Disaster Girl", has sold the original copy of the meme as NFT (non-expendable token) for 180 ethers, worth nearly $ 500,000. Now Roth is an adult but in 2005 a photograph was taken of her smiling at the camera as a house behind her burned in flames.

In addition to the transaction, as with many NFT sales, the family (the photo was taken by Dave Roth, his father) they also retain the copyright to the image and they will earn 10% of any sale future of the NFT.

In 2007 Dave Roth submitted the cute image to a photo contest and won. Since then, the image has been edited with the girl's face in the face of various catastrophes in history.

Not the first meme to be sold as NFT


This is not the first meme star to take advantage of the rise of cryptocurrency-based works to make good amounts of money. Chris Torres -the creator of Nyan Cat- sold an NFT of the colorful cat for about $ 600,000. Additionally, he has worked with other internet meme owners such as Kyle Craven (aka the "Bad Luck Brian" meme guy) to help them capitalize on these viral images.

What are NFTs, the digital assets that are transforming the collection of art and digital goods

The NFT of the "Disaster Girl" was acquired by 3F Music, a Dubai-based music studio. This firm that also bought other NFTs of great value, such as Overly Attached Girlfriend (411,000 dollars), among others.

The half million dollars that the protagonist of a historical meme has just obtained thanks to the NFT is one more example that this is being a great year for these digital assets.

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