the best websites to get them in Spanish and English

There are many of us who prefer to see the movies and series in their original version, since this way you can appreciate the true interpretation of the people who appear on the screen and it is also an exercise that serves to improve the knowledge of that language.

Nor should we forget that many productions do not end up doubling, so if you are looking for subtitles for a specific series or movie, we are going to recommend several websites where you can download them.

Most of these pages will allow us to find subtitles in Spanish, but as there are many people who prefer to use English subtitles (to practice the language) we are going to include some options to be able to find them.



Subdivx is one of the most popular subtitle pages, and here you can download Spanish subtitles for thousands of episodes and movies.

And we say that it is one of the best known websites, since it has been around for many years, and its design (somewhat dated) is a good proof of that. We can use the search engine to find the subtitles or navigate through the different sections:

  • Forums

  • Most voted subtitles

  • Most commented subtitles

  • Most read subtitles



We continue with another well known and used website. And it is that OpenSubtitles is usually quite quick to update new subtitles, and it has a gigantic community.

And it is that they are currently close to five million subtitles. One of the most interesting aspects of this website is that it allows us to set the language in the search engine itself, being able to choose between dozens of languages.

And the best of all is that we have the possibility to select several languages ​​at the same time (for example, searching for the subtitle of the same movie in Spanish, English and Galician).

Movie Subtitles and TV Subtitles


In Movie Subtitles we can find subtitles for over 22,000 movies. In addition to the classic search engine, there are also sections to see the newest and most downloaded subtitles.

Window And Tvsubtitles Net Download The Latest Subtitles Of Tv Shows And Series

It is possible to find subtitles in many languages ​​and, unlike other websites, They have opted to divide series and movies. That means that if you are looking for subtitles for an episode you will have to go to its "sister" TV Subtitles, which has subtitles for more than 60,000 episodes.

Not a country for subtitles

Yify Subtitles

Yify Subtitles Subtitles For Yify Movies

In Yify Subtitles we can also find subtitles in different languages, and it must be recognized that the design of this website is quite superior that of its competitors.

Here we have to forget about series, since it is specifically focused on movie subtitles. It allows us to see the latest movies incorporated, the most popular and the most liked.


If it seems a hassle to have to be looking for subtitles on web pages you can use different applications to do it directly from your computer.

There are many options and we have already talked about them a few times. Caption is one of the best known, since it is free and available for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

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Windows users They can also use BS Player, a video player that will precisely connect to the databases of many websites to find the appropriate subtitle for our film or series. At the multiplatform level, VLC also offers in "Extensions" VLsub, a tool to detect subtitles of the video that we open in the popular player.

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