The 3 (Dead) Google Services We Miss The Most

We wouldn't mind if these three Google services revived.

Mercilessly. As you can imagine, Google is not an NGO, if not a company whose main objective in life is to make money. When the Mountain View company offers us its great services completely free of charge, It does not do it for pleasure but obviously to obtain an economic benefit.

Hence, when one of your applications does not work, is no longer useful, is not profitable or directly has not had the expected success, join what we call the "Google Cemetery", a place where all those services of the great G that have passed away are kept.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music: we will always remember you

Of course, we are not going to deceive you that we would resurrect more than one of them. Specifically to these three.


How to keep using the best features that Inbox had in the new Gmail

Although Gmail is one of the most popular mail managers in the world, the great G opted at the time for Inbox, a new mail application that was born with the aim of experimenting and that is that since its inception it had a series of functions and characteristics that Google decided not to introduce in Gmail.

After announcing the date of its disappearance in 2019, and with the aim of attracting Gmail to all those who still used Inbox, many of these functions ended up reaching the classic Google mail client.

Without a doubt one of the saddest farewells, since Inbox was one of the most interesting and productive email managers on the market.

Google Play Music

Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer ... there are many streaming music services that exist today. Google also had its own called Google Play Music which by the way and despite the fierce competition, had a very interesting user base.

However, what Google gives you today tomorrow takes away from you and that is what happened with Google Play Music. The service closed and YouTube Music appeared as a substitute, a name that apparently has a better commercial appeal than Play Music.

Although Google Play Music worked more than correctly, we are not going to fool that YouTube Music is better in every way, so even though we have some longing for the late Google service, there is no doubt that the change has been for the better.

Google Photos unlimited space "free"

Google Photos, Galaxy Note20 Ultra

Google Photos will stop being free very soon

Let no one put their hands on their heads. Not, Google Photos is not going to close and something very big would have to happen for that to happen. However, we can say that one of the most interesting functions of this service will pass away and that is that from June 1, Google will eliminate the unlimited space so characteristic of Google Photos.

Until now, Google Photos had unlimited storage for those files that it could compress with its algorithm, which is the function that will end. If these files were wanted with the original size, Google included them within a limit of 15 GB that it had for all the files in the account, among which were Gmail and Drive, and that now it will be common for all files.

So if you are one of those who have thousands and thousands of photos stored in the cloud ... you know, it will be time to pay.

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