Telegram now has an APK version with more frequent updates

Telegram will allow you to download an APK with fewer restrictions and a better rate of updates and news ... Out of Google Play!

Sometimes the official app store restrictions on the mobile platforms of Apple and Google they only serve to harm users, and it is that putting sticks in the wheels is something quite common in favor of maintaining business conditions, as it happened some time ago with the prohibition to install services of streaming of video games such as Xbox Game Pass on iPhone mobiles.

The openness of the Android platform partly avoids these problems, although the truth is that there are also certain restrictions on Google Play that limit functionalities and / or sometimes complicate life for developers, something that they seem to have wanted to avoid on Telegram thanks to this new APK officially published on your website directly.


Telegram will facilitate access to all its improvements from an APK that can be installed outside of Google Play.

This does not mean that Telegram disappears from the Google Play Store, where will remain available as we know itbut only that the Russian company will provide a official APK installer that we can download from its website, and that it will have fewer restrictions by not needing to comply with all the protocols required by Google.

If you want it, you can get it by following this link In a direct way:

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The improvements will be precisely in update speed, and it is that the developers will be able to seamlessly implement all your news and make them directly available from all your users, before Google even validates the update and publishes it on the Google Play Store.

It is true that there is additional complexity when installing it, and you must enable APKs of unknown origins once you download the file. Telegram itself provides us a small video that we have converted to GIF with the steps to follow to install it:


Obviously installing an APK from outside raises doubts, but you do not have to be suspicious in this case because it is a totally official version of Telegram that will not endanger your smartphones.

Anyway, with these apps installed away from Google Play always keep a watchful eye with the download, as it is very important that you make sure you are downloading it from the official website in this case from the Russian company ... More options and faster update speeds are always welcome!

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