Telegram improves its integrated payments allowing the use of bank cards in any type of chat and almost everyone

Four years after Telegram was released supporting payments through bots, this Monday it announced that businesses can natively accept credit card payments in any type of chat. And the most interesting thing is that they can be available almost anywhere in the world.

The reason for this coverage is that they use eight payment providers, Stripe, Yandex.Money, Sberbank, Tranzzo, Payme, CLICK, LiqPay, ECOMMPAY, which reach "more than 200 countries", according to the website for developers, and are fully integrated into the instant messaging platform.

Telegram ensures that it does not receive commissions or store payment or transaction data

Payments 2.0, the evolution of Telegram payments

Payments in Telegram

Telegram takes an important step with Payments 2.0, greatly anticipating its great rival WhatsApp, which has been testing its payments for some time. And it is a partial overtaking because these payments, at the moment, are limited to artists, workers or stores. Not between individuals, the great asset that the platform owned by Facebook Inc.

The good thing about the Telegram payment system is that works from both mobile applications and computer applications and it has no cost. As they defend in the announcement of the feature, being "a free and privacy-aware platform, [...] it does not receive commissions and does not store payment or transaction data ".

Payments, for now, can only be made in businesses

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To be able to see the Payments 2.0 in progress, we can access the demo channel they have created and test them without spending a penny. To use them seriously, we will need to find a business that uses them.

These businesses or professionals, to accept them, do not need a particular approval from Telegram, but rather have a bot that allows them to offer products and services and is connected to one of the accepted providers, as explained in the developer manual.

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