Telegram definitely beats Clubhouse with this new feature for its voice chats

Telegram wants to be the Clubhouse of Android, and will offer very soon the possibility of programming voice chats on the channels.

Despite a smash hit that many of us still don't understand In the industry, the truth is that Clubhouse is not on Android nor is it expected due to many promises released by Paul Davidson, co-founder of Club House, which a few weeks ago stated that its arrival on the Google mobile platform was a priority while other alternatives appear every day eating the ground on Google Play.

Even the boys from Telegram, perhaps the most popular alternative to WhatsApp, especially after its privacy policy changes, a few weeks ago they announced something like an alternative to Clubhouse integrated into their application, in the form of voice chats improving at an incredible speed.

Telegram already has its Clubhouse clone ready

Telegram continues to innovate in the hunt for Clubhouse.

And yes, friends, since last March in Telegram it is possible to use voice chats in the channels, with constant updates that, as the xda-developers colleagues told us, have improved the experience of this functionality for bring it closer to what we would expect from Clubhouse on Android, even more so with what we now present to you from the channel beta from Telegram.

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This is version 7.7.0 of version beta, where the developers of the Russian messaging app have implemented the option to schedule Voice chats in the channels so that administrators can launch a voice chat at a specific time and in an automated way.

The option is as simple to use as touching the channel icon and, within the configuration menu, selecting next to the option Start voice chat, which allows you to program it ('schedule' in the capture, in English):

Telegram definitely beats Clubhouse with this new feature for its voice chats

Telegram wants to be a serious and real alternative to Clubhouse on Android, and in future versions it will offer voice chat programming on channels with a notification for all members.

It may choose a date / time and program the voice chat with the lower button, leaving a notification that will appear at the top of the channel so that all members can see it without any problem, with a countdown of the time until its start.

With this novelty, Telegram voice chats work more like Clubhouse as a real alternative, also adding the possibility of changing the name and description of the profile from the voice chat window without having to close the chat itself.

It has also been added a link on the menu which will redirect us to the Telegram suggestion channel, so that all new users can learn about the app and familiarize yourself with all of your options.

Obviously, you still won't see any of these changes on the stable app published on the Google Play Store, but you can test it without problems by downloading the latest version beta of Telegram from this link, specifically v7.7.0 that will surely be published in a few weeks already in the final version.

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