Telegram allows programming voice chats on channels, currently in beta

After the introduction of audio rooms in Telegram, the famous messaging app plans to go one step further to match functions such as those offered by Clubhouse: Telegram version 7.7 already allows the programming of voice chats in the channels. In this way, it is possible to anticipate the communications and thus prepare the listeners for the transmission.

With the progressive importance of the audio rooms, and with the applications fighting to steal the popularity quota that Clubhouse has reached, we will end up having audio rooms even in the phone application. While the ubiquity of this function arrives, Telegram is rushing it in its applications, both mobile and desktop. In fact, one of the novelties of the next stable version revolves precisely around voice chats. Because, what would be nice to be able to program them?

Schedule your next voice chats so that channel subscribers get ready

Telegram Chats Voice Schedule

Telegram is finalizing version 7.7 of its application for all platforms. Currently it can be tested in beta, both for Android and also for iOS. There are not too many visible news, at least for now, but there is one that will be of great interest to channel administrators: the programming of voice chats.

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Through voice chats or audio rooms, Telegram channel managers can create their own 'podcasts' or audio broadcasts. Thematic talks with or without participants; and listeners who will have the option to ask questions of the speakers. One of the notable advantages is that Telegram allows you to record these voice chats in order to share them easily with any channel subscriber. And soon they will be able to be programmed.

By scheduling voice chats, administrators can easily set the time and date of conversations to create expectation for the start of the event. To do this, just start a new voice chat from the channel options, as before; only with version 7.7 Telegram has included the option to schedule events. Once the time and date have been set the counter will be fixed at the top of the chat. And members will be notified before the event so they can sign up.

Telegram Chats Voice Schedule

To test the new voice chat schedules, just download the Android beta or sign up for the TestFlight program if you have an iPhone or iPad. Telegram version 7.7 is still in beta, but it will not take long to reach all users in a stable way. Surely at the end of this week.

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