Take advantage of the more than 7000 online technology courses at Pluralsight for free throughout April

If you are planning learn something new during aprilWhether you want to enroll in a free multi-week college course, or are just looking to spend a couple of days to gain some new knowledge, there are truly plenty of options.

One of those options, and a pretty good one, is to take advantage of the free April offer at Pluralsight (#freeapril), where you can find more than 7000 courses on topics from the world of technology taught by experts.

Free access to the premium plan for all individual users

Free Pluralsight Courses

To take advantage of this offer you just have to create a free account in Pluralsight, and you will get free access to the premium plan until April 30, without the need to enter any payment method during the process.

The premium plan of this platform normally costs 39 euros per month or 410 euros per year, to gain access to the complete library of standard and advanced courses, including exams and projects.

On the platform you can find courses on software development, cloud computing, AI / ML, DevOps, cybersecurity and more

The course catalog is quite extensive, in Pluralsight you can find from courses on software development, to cloud computing, through Artificial Intelligence, Machine Leaning, DevOps, cybersecurity, and more.

The free month gives you access to all interactive courses and projects. You can start by taking the "technological IQ test" offered by the platform so that you know what is best for you depending on your level of knowledge, and obtain recommendations for improvement.

In total, you can choose any of the 7000 video courses, or the more than 40 interactive courses, or the more than 20 projects that can be created.

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