Spotify confirms that it will not increase in price in Spain although it will in other European countries

Spotify has confirmed to Genbeta that it will not raise the price of any of its Premium plans in Spain, after the rumors and emails sent by the company to users in other European countries.

In February, a price increase was already announced in the family plan, which since then has a monthly cost of 15.99 euros. The company has told us that after this last novelty, everything will remain the same.

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This is how prices are in Spain

Spotify Spain

As we can see in the table that Spotify has on its plans website, the company has the following pricing plans that will remain the same in Spain:

  • Individual: 9.99 euros per month. One account.

  • Duo: 12.99 euros per month. Two accounts.

  • Family: 15.99 euros per month. Up to 6 accounts.

  • Students: 4.99 euros per month. Requirements must be met.

The rumors of a price increase in Spain had a certain basis, and that is that in other countries of our European environment there is a price increase, as Android Police reviews here. The fact is that in countries where subscriptions like Duo go up, they paid less than in Spain.

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Individual subscription in these countries remains the same as up to now, and that of Students also rises, to one euro more than our 4.99 euros per month. It is noteworthy that the family plan has a cost of two euros in European countries above the 15.99 in Spain. Different price strategies according to the market.

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