soon you will be able to explore your Google Photos in Augmented Reality

WebXR is the new standard for making accessible Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) through the web. Thanks to this standard we can enjoy animals and 3D objects from Google search, but this is not the only thing that this technology allows us to do.

The potential of WebXR is immense, and to prove it, the department Google Creative Lab has launched a experiment collection than to inspire developers to create tools and new VR and AR experiences that can be accessible from any web browser and modern device.

WebXR experiments


Google has presented four WebXR experiments, although only three are available as of today. There is an experiment with Google Photos coming out soon. In the following video we can see the following experiments in operation:

Google 3D Animals: How to Use Them to Bring a Tiger, Shark, or Wolf into Your Home

  • Floom: an experiment that allows us create a tunnel through the Earth in augmented reality to see what's on the other end of the earth.

  • Sodar: this experiment is about a tool that helps us to keep social distance of 2 meters.

  • Measure Up: it is a tool that allows us allows to measure the height, width and length of objects.

  • Picturescape: soon we will be able to see our Google Photos photos in augmented reality while we walk.

To test these experiments we just have to enter the WebXR Experiments site from a compatible mobile device and compatible browser. Most web browsers are compatible with WebXR.

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