Sony wants to bring the best PlayStation games to mobile

Can you imagine being able to play Uncharted or The Last Of Us on your mobile? It could be closer than you imagine

You may soon have the option to enjoy games as popular as those of the Uncharted saga or The Last of Us on your mobile, without the need to resort to tools to run PlayStation games through mobile.

And it is that everything points to Sony is beginning to work on the development of Mobile versions of some of the most popular PlayStation titles. At least, this is indicated by a job offer published by the company and discovered by Eurogamer.

The Last of Us Part 2

The Last of Us could be one of the sagas that would land on Android.

A job offer that reveals Sony's commitment to mobile games

Sony has spent some years now focusing part of its efforts and resources on improving the gaming experience on mobile platforms, through the launch of their own games, or the development of tools such as PlayStation Remote Play.

Therefore, it is not surprising that the Japanese woman wants now immerse yourself in the development of videogames for mobile platforms. Thus, you have decided to publish a job offer with which Search for the new leader of the mobile division of PlayStation Studios.

Today, PlayStation Studios is made up of studios as popular as Insomniac Games –Marvel's Spider-Man or Rachet & Clank–, Guerrilla –Horizon Zero Dawn–, Santa Monica Studio –God of Gar– or Naugthy Dog –Uncharted, The Last of Us or Jak and Daxter–, among many others.

In the project description, it is stated that the leader of the mobile division of PlayStation Studios will be the main responsible to establish the strategy for the development of mobile videogames, one of the tasks being to successfully adapt some of the most popular PlayStation game franchises for use on mobile platforms.

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It is worth mentioning that, to this day, Sony already has the studio PlayStation Mobile Inc. in charge of the publication of some mobile games like Run, Sackboy! Run! o Uncharted: Fortune Hunter.

Seeing the success of titles like Pokémon GO, Fortnite, PUBG Mobile or Genshin ImpactIt is not surprising that both Sony and the rest of the giants of the video game industry are betting more and more on mobile platforms. A strategy that, in the end, translates into a greater variety of options facing consumers.

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