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so you can get the draft income tax return online through the Tax Agency website

Start the income campaign 2020 marked, as last year, by the restrictions of the pandemic and this time, in addition, by the impact of the coronavirus. In 2021, about 20 million taxpayers must declare the income corresponding to a fiscal year, 2020, marked in many cases by the effects of the health and economic crisis that they derived.

That is why, probably more than ever, it is necessary to know how to access the 2020 draft income, something that we are going to explain to you in this article, and review it thoroughly. Especially if we have been recipients of some type of benefit, such as the Minimum Living Income, or we have been affected by an ERTE. It is also important to keep an eye on the news.

By accessing the draft of the income statement we can check the information and add any data that the Treasury has not incorporated

Until now we have been able to consult our tax data, carry out a simulation to know if it will be returned or paid and, now, we can request our draft of the income statement 2020. The process is simple, but you need to know the steps to take and what we need.

How to obtain the 2020 draft income online

Web Renta 2020 of the Tax Agency

To access the draft income 2020, which we must present in 2021 with the income from the fiscal year of the previous year, we must access the Income 2020 section of the Tax Agency website. We will look at Featured procedures and we will click on Draft / declaration processing service (Renta WEB) to go on to identify us.

First of all we can enter our DNI or NIE number and its validity date to access by Cl @ ve system, the recommended method, or by reference. If we choose this last option, we must enter it on the next screen or access it by clicking on the button I have no reference and entering box 505 of the 2019 income or the IBAN if we did not file income tax return in the previous year. It can also be accessed with Cl @ ve PIN, but if we already have this form of identification, the reference is not necessary to access the rental services.

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We can also choose, when identifying ourselves, to access directly with a digital certificate or electronic ID.

Once identified, the screen will appear Income 2020 Services. In it we will find all the services available in relation to the declaration. To obtain the draft, as well as to be able to modify and confirm it, we must access the procedure Draft / Declaration (Income WEB). As simple as that.

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From here, each one must act according to their situation. The Tax Agency may ask us to confirm our tax address, ask us if we want our income tax return to be individual or joint or indicate that we have data to incorporate. We will have to do what corresponds to our particular case, of course.

With the draft of the 2020 income tax return ready after its review and modification if necessary, we will only have to present the return. And how can we present it? Well from the draft itself. In the upper right part of the interface we will find the button Statement summary. If we click on it, it will take us to the summary of our draft declaration and at the top we will find the link Submit statement.

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In the summary of the statement we will see the result: If this is positive, it means that we must pay that amount through the procedures established by the Tax Agency; If it is negative, it means that this amount will be paid to us by the Treasury in the bank account number that we indicate.

Obtaining, modifying and submitting the 2020 income tax return by electronic means began officially on April 7, although since the previous day it has been possible to access the draft, and will end on June 30. More information and official technical help here.