so you can create your aliases for free to hide your personal email, avoid spam and maintain your privacy

To browse the Internet, many are the websites that ask you to enter your email address. This means that then those companies or entities to which you have given your personal address, if they suffer from a security problem, it can harm you.

When you share your email massively, you can also be more vulnerable to data breach problems that some of the companies with which you have interacted, spam or phishing that takes advantage of the emails it gets to try to steal personal information. or bank to users. In order to avoid giving this information, there are temporary mail services, but they have certain limitationsLike, they prevent you from signing up for a newsletter if you don't give your real email.

To these temporary mail services there is an alternative with a European seal: SimpleLogin.

It is an open source solution that allows you to use your own email but with email aliases and the option to create a different identity for each website. It is a software manufactured and hosted in the European Union, therefore protected by the Data Protection Law here, which is stricter than any other existing regulation in this regard to protect the privacy of the user. It is similar to Firefox Relay and is presented as its great competitor in the market.

How it works, step by step

First of all, after accessing the SimpleLogin home page (available in English and French), you must click on the blue box to obtain your alias, "Get your aliases today". It has a free service and there are premium paid features as well. With a free registration you can create your alias and navigate protecting your identity and without sharing your real mail. After access the blue button you get to a new page where you must put the email you want to keep it hidden behind an alias and put a password on it. Not the one you already have for that email, if not a different one.


Then, after including your information and accepting, you will receive this notification: "An email to validate your email is on its way. Please check your inbox / spam folder". That is to say, that you access your email and validate this registration. And also, if you find the email to validate in your inbox, you should look at the Spam tab. When accessing the mail received from SimpleLogin you only have to verify your mail.


After this, you are going to access your profile within the program. There are two options to have your aliases that will preserve your privacy when you have to include your emails on new websites. On the one hand, you can choose the alias. Y, Another option is to choose a random one created by the system itself.. One of the ones that came up for me when I chose at random is: If you do not like it, you should know that you can choose again the option to create a random alias and a new one will appear.


You can also create your own aliases, choosing from a list of domains, as you can see in the following image. In addition, in the next field appears the email that you want to replace this new alias and you can select another address with which you have previously registered. Optionally, in the last field you can enter a description so that you can remember the use that will be given to that alias. Since you can choose several, this can help you distinguish one from the other.

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You have to remember that this alias you generate it will remain active as long as you do not cancel or block it. Anyone who writes an email to the alias we just created will be received in our email account.

East You can give it to third parties, as well as enter it on a website where they ask you for a registration. Let's try, for example, with Groupon Madrid, the website that allows you to access discounts to do activities or try new restaurants. As soon as you access it, it asks for your email address. Enter an alias and then access your personal email and you will see that there you have the Groupon email.

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What's more, you can see that the recipient's address is that of the alias and not that of your email. Another curious matter of this service is that if you intend to answer the mail you receive you can do it from your normal server, you can choose that the answer reaches the recipient with an alias so that the receiver does not see your email address and you can maintain this privacy and security you are looking for. To do this, you have to carry out other steps within the SimpleLogin platform and create the reverse alias.


Create the reverse alias to reply to emails from your account

So that when answering emails from your normal server you can do it with a so-called "reverse alias", there is another process that you must carry out from the SimpleLogin website. Choose the email with which you want to do this process and press the Send Email button of the alias that we want to use to send the email.

After this, a single field will appear where you can write: enter the email address you want to send the email to and press the "Create reverse-alias" button.

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Copy that reverse alias that has been created automatically by the SimpleLogin server. And that is the one you will use on your email server as the recipient.

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What can be done for free in SimpleLogin

At the beginning we already commented that there is the option of using this service for free or resorting to a payment plan. If you opt for the first, you have to know that you can create at most 15 aliases and they will not be personalized, since as you saw the domain has to be chosen from few options. What's more, you can send, receive and answer emails infinitely.

The payment method does not limit you when creating aliases and they can be personalized.

Remember that this service can have access to the emails you send through your alias. The platform also warns that it may happen that mail servers detect your new name as spam or even spam. For this reason, SimpleLogin keeps a copy of the emails that are sent through the alias for 7 days.

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