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The new Roborock S7 and its sonic scrubbing technology debut on Amazon Spain ... with an irresistible launch offer!

Right without a doubt Roborock With the approach of its new smart vacuum cleaner, it is something that we already warned in our complete analysis of the device, and it is that this new Roborock S7 dares to return focus and importance to cleanliness in a scenario of expansion of technologies applied to the smart home and a boom in connected things.

The idea is that Roborock probably already had the best LiDAR navigation on the market, as well as the most complete application and platform to configure, control and maintain your robot vacuum cleaners, so it was very logical to think that the operating base and technologies of the future were ready to receive a new level of cleanliness now, which will allow the Roborock S7 to scrub the floor and clean it thoroughly rather than simply dragging a damp mop.

New Roborock S7

The new Roborock S7, the first smart vacuum cleaner with sonic scrubbing technology.

Sounds interesting right? Well, the experience of using a Roborock S7 on a daily basis in your homes will be much more, and we are facing a device that will allow you to finally detach from daily cleaning, with minimal intervention and more than remarkable results on all surfaces, which will also be able to differentiate intelligently so as not to wet rugs or textile rugs.

If anything, the best part comes now because although the Roborock S7 is the cleaning robot of the future, in your case it is already present and can be purchased in Spain, at a very fair recommended price of 549 euros which places it in the lead given its possibilities with respect to the competition.

Also, in your first steps in a retailer as important as Amazon Spain, the Shenzhen manufacturer wants to give us access to the Roborock S7, which will have an introductory offer starting today, April 10, at 08:00 hours, and that will allow you to get a succulent:

Roborock S7, presentation and first impressions: how does the best cleaning robot clean?

This is the new Roborock S7, and this is our verdict: "You will want to have it!"

Surely when you get here you will want to know why a Roborock S7 is worth buying, and the truth is that it is not necessary to think about it too much because we have tested it and we can confirm that this robot vacuum cleaner will improve your lives from the first moment you get down to work.

Obviously, any robot vacuum cleaner can clean your house and save you work, but that is not the only aspiration of a new Roborock S7 that wants to become a reference, and that raises the bar to achieve the best cleaning in the industry with a new Sonic scrubbing technology that scrubs the mop up to 3,000 times a minute cleaning up dry spots.

It is no longer just about navigating our home by vacuuming the surface and dragging a wet mop on the floor, but this time it seeks to clean in depth by automatically detecting the type of soil, with the possibility of raising the sonic mop up to 5 millimeters to do not wet rugs or carpets and aspire them at maximum power.

Perhaps we had forgotten that when faced with a cleaning robot, the most important thing was precisely to clean well, and this is something that Roborock has reminded us by maintaining its impeccable technological base.

Roborock S7
Specifications and datasheet
Dimensions353 x 350 x 96.5 (mm)
Weight4.7 (kg)
Dust bin capacity470 (ml)
Water tank capacity300 (ml)
Suction powerHyperForce 2,500 (Pa)
Noise volume~ 60 dB
Drums5,200 mAh (autonomy of 180 minutes, surface of 300 m2 approx.)
Charging baseAutomatic approach and loading
Compatibility with Roborock self-emptying bases
NavigationSmart movement with Sensient sensors (laser, distance, collision and level)
Ultrasonic Carpet Detection
Automatic room recognition
Configurable path algorithms
App and connected functionsCompatible with iOS and Android
Household mapping by rooms (multilevel and up to 4 different maps)
Schedule times for vacuuming and scrubbing
Customizing the cleaning sequence by zones
Regulation of the amount of water by zones
Customization of non-cleanable areas
Remote control and usage statistics
OthersSmart navigation PreciSense LiDAR
Scratchsafe Brushes and Wheels
Ability to climb carpets and slopes up to 2 centimeters
Ultrasonic scrubbing module with up to 3,000 vibrations per minute and self-lifting mop
New improved bristle-free floating brush with anti-tangle design
Washable air filter E11
Child and pet lock


He does not lie datasheet from a full Roborock S7 to power, and that part of a minimalist and functional design with quality and resistant materials, to offer a lot of very high-performance technologies, some already known from previous generations of Roborock and others novel as their new anti-tangle brushes rubber Scratchsafe, the scrub module VibraRise or compatibility with new self-emptying bases that will arrive this summer, and that will further increase the autonomy of the robot.

Not everything is news, and it is that we maintain all the good things we already knew about the Roborock family, including its almost magical navigation PreciSense LiDAR now enhanced with sensors Sensient -laser, distance, collision, level and surface-, which allow the robot to clean our entire house with the utmost diligence, without tripping over anything, and keeping textile surfaces dry.

In addition, its intelligent 2D mapping and software platform are also maintained, which offer us the possibility of customize daily cleaning to the maximum and even control the robot and its maintenance from the smartphone itself, with a rather surprising spatial intelligence that makes it possible to save up to 4 custom maps letting the robot self-position detecting different plants or homes to clean according to our plans.

Roborock S7, analysis and characteristics

Probably the most complete app to control your cleaning robot is Roborock.


The best of all is that Sonic Scrubbing Tech Joins An Already Successful Cast, now being able to clean the floor as if we were rubbing with up to 3,000 vibrations per minute, removing dry spots and stubborn dirt while the mop is raised so as not to get wet where we don't want to.

In any case, surely what you want to know is that it is a completely autonomous robot, reliable and that cleans almost without intervention, so It will give you back your time just by filling the water tank and emptying the dirt., something that you can do a couple of times a week forgetting about cleaning the rest of the time.

The self-emptying bases will arrive shortly to advance a little more in this autonomy, and that you can forget about daily cleaning almost forever leaving it in the hands of a robot that, in addition, you can also control with your voice thanks to Alexa, Google Assistant or Siri.

Sounds so good that you already want your Roborock S7? Well, right here we leave you the links to the Roborock page and to the Amazon Spain offer ... Don't think too much about it, because they will fly!

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