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ScreenStyler or how to customize Windows 10 to the maximum, easy and without installing patches to the system

If you are one of those who like customization and have ever tried to change the theme of Windows 10, or the icons, or put a widget, then you should know that in general it is not a simple process if you are looking for more than a new wallpaper.

Many people don't even like the idea of ​​installing a third-party theme, because to be able to do this in Windows you always need to patch some system files to allow changes to be made. ScreenStyler is a new solution that allows customize a few things on your desktop in a very simple way, and without having to make any changes at the system level.

Free, easy to use, and loaded with options


You can start with the sample desktop and edit, or you can create one from scratch

ScreenStyler for Windows is a new tool, it is in beta for now, so there may still be a few bugs and there are several additional features to come later. However, what it offers is already good enough to recommend that you take a look if you like this type of thing.

The application basically allows you to design a desktop to your liking, changing the background, adding a dock, widgets, modifying the size of the taskbar, choosing between dark or light mode, etc..

Doc icons

You can choose if you want a dock or not, and you can add and remove the icons you want from that dock

You do everything from the ScreenStyler window, you can choose between the gallery of available wallpapers (which are very beautiful), and among the selection of widgets that are offered, adding, organizing and removing as you like.

You can also add shortcuts with custom icons, you can move and resize everything, hide the other icons on the desktop, or even add a Mac-style dock, or even customize Steam.

The best applications to customize Windows 10


There are many widgets to choose from, but more will be added soon

ScreenStyler uses Rainmeter to show the widgets and Rocketdock for the dock, so they are two extra applications that are installed automatically to be able to customize within the ScreenStyler interface, and that honestly simplifies the whole process a lot if you had to do it from each app separately.

You have many options to play with all the elements. If you don't like any background, you can upload your own, or you can also add special effects to the backgrounds you have, for example. You can put the dock wherever you want, and if you hide the taskbar you can use it as a single launcher.

When you finish choosing everything you like you just have to save your theme and apply it with the buttons down and to the left, all changes appear immediately. At any time you can edit the theme, or delete the elements that you do not like both from the desktop itself and from the ScreenStyler window.

For now, it is not translated into Spanish and that could make it difficult for some users to use, but the tutorial it brings is quite visual and it is not difficult to understand your options since all changes are shown in the preview the moment you make them without affecting the final result until you apply the theme.