Samsung's mobile division makes more money than ever and it's thanks to the Samsung Galaxy S21

Samsung is breaking all records.

Last year was not a good year for the mobile phone market. The strong crisis suffered worldwide meant that most companies did not reach their commercial objectives and except for exceptions such as Apple, Samsung or Xiaomi, 2020 has been an exercise to forget.

Luckily in 2021 the sales figures are going up although some brands are getting better numbers than others. Samsung is one of them and it is not only worth being the largest phone company, if not you are also making more money than ever.

Samsung is making more money than ever and all thanks to the new Galaxy S21

Samsung Galaxy S21 pink

The Samsung Galaxy S21, in its striking pink color.

As we read in Reuters, Samsung's profits in the first quarter of 2021 are almost 4,000 million dollars or what is the same, 66% more than last year. These figures, which are the highest in seven years, have a culprit.

While in previous years the success of Samsung was attributed to a mid-range with an unbeatable value for money, today Is the Samsung Galaxy S21 to blame for the idyllic situation in which South Koreans find themselves.

According to the latest data, Samsung's flagship terminal is being a complete sales success, not only in South Korea, where it has sold 30% more than its predecessor in the same period of time after its launch, if not also in other countries such as Japan, United Kingdom and even the United States, a country that, as everyone knows, is the territory of the bitten apple.

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But the good news for Samsung not only comes from its high-end but also from the mid-range, the successful Galaxy A series. And it is that in Africa, one of the markets with the highest growth in recent years, it occupies the second position in sales only surpassed by the "unknown" Tecno.

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