Samsung will offer an extra life for your old Galaxy, reconverted using IoT for the digital home

If you have a Galaxy mobile lost in the drawer, go dusting it because soon you will be able to use it as a smart device for the home.

With more than 10 years of history in this of smartphones, the truth is that most of us we already accumulate several old devices in the drawers, most of the time without knowing what use to give it beyond turning them into some once useful and probably quite expensive paperweights that only serve to collect dust.

However, it seems that a giant like Samsung now wants to help us so that their Galaxy phones do not go into oblivion, in an effort to continue with that corporate social responsibility that seeks a more sustainable world, in which we all help reduce waste getting a new life for our smartphones.

Samsung in 2019

The back of a Samsung Galaxy S10 +, a possible candidate for this recycling!

This time, as we were informed from SamMobile, the South Korean giant wants us to turn our old Samsung phones into smart home devices, within a program Galaxy Upcycling at Home which would provide the necessary software for mobiles function as devices IoT connectable to SmartThings.

Following the sustainability policy of the South Korean company, Samsung's 'Galaxy Upcycling at Home' program will allow us to reuse our old Galaxy phones converted into smart home devices.

These are all old Samsung phones that will continue to receive security updates

This is how it will work Galaxy Upcycling at Home, and this is what you can do with your old mobiles

For now this initiative is presented in phase beta, only in the United Kingdom, South Korea and the United States, although probably if the reception and the operation are acceptable, from Samsung the update will be released in the rest of the markets.

In fact Galaxy Upcycling at Home it is precisely this, a software update that would make it possible to turn a Samsung smartphone into a much simpler smart home device, such as a baby sleep monitor, a pet care solution or even other options that would use the sensors built into the mobile phone itself to offer advanced possibilities in the digital home.

These “recycled” terminals could accurately distinguish sounds through artificial intelligence, thanks to more powerful hardware than that usually mounted in specific solutions, in addition to connectivity that would allow the smartphone send alerts to the user if it detects a crying child, for example, or also a barking dog or the like.

All functions would be available through SmartThings and its experimental SmartThings Labs menus, being able to even configure the mobile's brightness sensor so that lights turn on automatically at dusk by continuous measurements of the brightness level of the room.

Obviously, taking measurements permanently with the sensors will require an energy review to improve the autonomy of the smartphone, and Samsung has also thought about this by adding new optimization solutions that reduce battery consumption of a smartphone “recycled” as a device for the smart home, getting them to work for long periods of time without the need for continuous recharging.

In addition, these reconverted mobiles will be able to interact with the entire SmartThings ecosystem and the rest of gadgets connected to the platform. In any case, as we have said, for now it is something experimental and Samsung offers it in the models of the Galaxy S, Galaxy Note and Galaxy Z families launched from 2018 and running Android 9 or higher versions.

More devices and more markets will arrive in the near future, which we hope will not delay because Almost everyone has a laughing phone that we could get more out of... Or is it just me?

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