Samsung registers the brand in Europe and its foldable tablet Galaxy Z Tab takes shape

Samsung extends the registration of its brand 'Z Fold' in Europe also to tablets ... Its hypothetical Galaxy Z Fold Tab is taking shape!

Industry experts say that this time yes, that 2021 will be the course of folding mobiles, and that by the end of the year we will see options from multiple manufacturers and with different formatsFrom the well-known book type to the new rollers, and even possibly the adoption of the S-Pen in the new Galaxy Fold of the giant Samsung.

It is still early days, we already know that in this industry the wheel of hype moves faster than palpable news, especially with important innovations like these that manufacturers tend to jealously guard, although when the river water carries and, at least in the case of Samsung, it does seem that we will see a folding tablet Sooner than later.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab, Samsung's folding tablet.

The hypothetical Galaxy Z Fold Tab should arrive in 2022, with this interesting triptych format.

We talk about a Galaxy Z Fold Tab of which we had heard before, with a denomination still in the air but already with a registered trademark, and that is Samsung has just extended its family registration in Europe 'Z Fold' to use it also with tablets.

Let'sGoDigital told us by following the track of the European Union Intellectual Property Office, to complete the rumors that spoke of a foldable Samsung device in the form of a triptych. In addition, as always, they have accompanied the ad with one of their spectacular renders, to leave us with long teeth with this idea of ​​the South Korean giant.

Samsung Galaxy Z Tab, Samsung's 'tri-fold' tablet, will be ready in just a few months

It seems that Samsung is working on this new tablet in the pursuit of maximum versatility and productivity, although obviously we already know that new generations are preparing from their offices for the Galaxy Z Flip and Galaxy Z Fold, which should arrive around the summer with a new one. iteration of Ultra Thin Glass more resistant.

Not only that, and seeing the Galaxy Z Fold2 already as a finished product made many in the industry wonder what the South Korean giant could do with a larger folding screen, that it was collected thanks to two or more hinges and that also allowed the use of optical pencils.

Well this is probably what Samsung can achieve, developing a device that folded would be sure pretty thick, but how open would the functionality of a full-size tablet adding versatility to allow a comfortable mobility, with a final size that fits in the pocket.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab, Samsung's folding tablet.

The European registration sheet for the Samsung Z Fold brand, which now also applies to tablets.

For now we cannot confirm any further details, although sources speak of a 10-inch flexible screen and a presentation that would put us in the first quarter of 2022.

Yes, the brand 'Samsung Z Fold' in Europe it is already reserved for both smartphones and tablets, so surely very soon we will see the first folding Galaxy Tab for complete the three series they already drive from South Korea a long time ago: the Galaxy A for the basic and medium range, the Galaxy S for the noble range and the Galaxy Z with the folding ones.

Will it finally be confirmed that we are out of the Galaxy Note this year? Because everything seems to converge towards that idea, really ...

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