Samsung launches a wireless mini-keyboard compatible with smartphones, tablets and computers

Samsung anticipates a smart keyboard called the Smart Keyboard Trio 500, with direct access to DeX and paired with up to 3 devices at the same time.

Grow the accessory ecosystem of their mobile families has become one of the great needs of the main manufacturers when it comes to convincing their users, not for nothing is differentiation already complicated with the market so mature, Chinese brands have reduced profit margins to a minimum, and in in recent times we have even witnessed the fall of basic accessories from sales packages to even the most expensive cell phones in the catalog.

Thus, it is becoming increasingly important to provide users not only with a smartphone, but also with attractive basic accessories such as wireless headphones, covers of all kinds, positioning labels and many more options, such as Samsung has never missed in a galaxy always well endowed with smartphones and gadgets additional that complete the experience of your customers.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

This is Samsung's new smart keyboard, designed to move with you.

And the last accessory that will arrive very soon at the Samsung store was presented to us by PhoneArena a few hours ago, in the form of a travel keyboard called Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 and that it will be compatible with smartphones, tablets, PCs in addition to, of course, also with the popular Samsung DeX desktop mode enjoyed by the devices of the South Korean brand.

Not yet available, but to the device already has been listed by some of Samsung's divisions, so here you have all its details surely ahead of time:

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This is how the Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500 works

The new accessory is officially awaited by the event Unpacked that Samsung will celebrate next April 28, although the truth is that thanks to the leaks we already have everything you need to know about this Smart Keyboard Trio 500 which will focus on offering versatility for Samsung tablets, smartphones and laptops, especially on our travels.

Its name already anticipates some of the novelties that it will present, in addition to its minimalist design in black and white colors with a 78-key full QWERTY keyboard that you will surely enjoy layouts for the different markets with our "Ñ" or the Nordic characters, for example. This is something that we cannot confirm for now, obviously.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

Its size is small and its minimum weight, 280.4 x 127.4 x 15.4 millimeters with 412.3 grams of weight, running on AAA alkaline batteries and featuring connectivity Bluetooth 5.0 LE with auto discovery function to facilitate pairing.

Can connect with up to 3 devices maintaining a fast exchange option using specific keys, in addition to having a shortcut key to DeX and three other configurable for our preferred applications.

Samsung Smart Keyboard Trio 500

The rest of the details and We will know your availability in a few days at the Samsung event, so for now we can only wait for its launch because indeed this travel keyboard could become the best ally of our tablets or smartphones when traveling for work or attending meetings with clients.

The price has not transcended either, but we hope it is below 100 euros because thinking about a higher cost would take away much of its appeal ... We will be attentive in case more information transcends!

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