Samsung Galaxy Z Tab, Samsung's 'tri-fold' tablet, will be ready in just a few months

Samsung is already preparing a foldable Galaxy Tab, which would have two hinges and a more versatile and productive format than ever.

It has been a long time since foldable and flexible smartphones the quarters cheer us up with leaks, rumors and more palpable news, with Samsung as the big winner after three iterations after Huawei and Xiaomi agreed with the South Koreans with the book-like format of your Galaxy Z Fold.

In any case, the market is still too immature to offer conclusions on usability, functionality and, above all, about the formats that will be standardized for phones that still present a lot of ground to the imagination, from rollers like the OPPO X 2021 to Samsung's work to carry the S-Pen to your Galaxy Z, essential functionality in the galaxy that is not yet ready for the Foldable Dynamic AMOLED panels.

hypothetical samsung galaxy z fold 3. photo by letsgodigital

The hypothetical Galaxy Z Tab should arrive in 2022 with a triptych format similar to this recreation.

In any case, it seems that very soon it will be because all the rumors around the future of Samsung folding devices speak a review of the popular Ultra Thin Glass of the South Korean giant, which would better protect the flexible panels with slightly higher thickness and higher structural strength, also allowing to integrate the digitizer designed together with Wacom and thus use the stylus Samsung optical.

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We do not know, yes, what will be the device that will debut the new generation of flexible glass, and although there is already talk of the Galaxy Z Fold3 and a second iteration of the Galaxy Z Flip, the truth is that everything seems to indicate that there will also be a new folding tablet that could be the graceful with the new UTG and the S-Pen.

Should be called Galaxy Z Tab and it was anticipated by GizmoChina along with a known leaker on Twitter, anticipating that it would arrive in a new format 'tri-fold' with two hinges to become very small and very versatile when closed.

Obviously, we do not know yet if it will have an exterior panel, but we do it would fold into three parts to become a unique device, which would offer maximum versatility for productive environments alongside this new hybrid generation of the S-Pen about which we still do not know anything, at least not beyond that it would be totally new and different from the one we know.

Also, sources anticipate that Samsung could have this Galaxy Z Tab ready by the end of 2021, but that would not be presented in society until the first quarter of 2022, leaving time for the Galaxy Z Fold3 and Galaxy Z Flip2 to end the year at the spearhead of Samsung's catalog. Sonar sounds good, but we will have to see that format ... And how does that new S-Pen work!

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