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Nokia guarantees three years of system and security updates to its Nokia X10 and Nokia X20

Nokia has made a massive presentation of mobile phones. In an event that lasted just under 30 minutes, the Finnish manufacturer had time to put on the table six new mobile phones with Android Go and Android One, and also has had room for the brief presentation of a Bluetooth wireless headset.

But in addition to these presentations with various hardware configurations, designs and prices, with three ranges of phones involved, information provided by the manufacturer has not been overlooked. And this information tells us that your new Nokia X Series, which currently has the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20, will receive three years of full updates.

Three years of system, three years of security


On his return to the world of the living after the long hiatus without new phones in his last stage under the Microsoft umbrella, Nokia adopted the Android One ecosystem for its launches, as well as some more basic models with Android Go. This guaranteed speed when launching updates, not having to control layers of customization, and full support from Google.

Nokia 7.2, analysis: design, finish and 3 years of Android updates to find its place in the mid-range

This comprehensive support from Google has guaranteed Nokia phones two years of operating system updates and three years of system security updates. However, this is going to change from now on when it comes to the brand's X series. The Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 will have three years of full updates, no limitations.

This will mean that the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 will receive three new versions of the operating system from the moment of its launch, which means that they should get up to Android 14 in its One version. And of course, three years of security updates. A policy, that of Nokia, that we already see in other manufacturers in the market and that we trust will end up being the norm.

Be that as it may, buyers of the Nokia X10 and Nokia X20 will be covered by the Finnish firm for 36 months. We will see if other ranges join this new Nokia policy in the future or if it is reserved for the most powerful models in the catalog, the most modest being excluded. We will be attentive to future releases.