New mobiles in Spain will have a 3-year warranty

In addition, manufacturers will have to have spare parts, as soon as a product is out of production, for at least 10 years.

When we buy a technological product, such as a mobile phone, a manufacturer's warranty in case the product is defective or has a fault that has a duration of 24 months, but, from now on, you will enjoy one more year of support from the brand because any new smartphone you buy will have 3 years warranty.

From today, the manufacturer's warranty is extended to 3 years

From today, the manufacturer's warranty is extended to 3 years

After three years of updates, the 3-year warranty arrives

The Council of Ministers has just approved a modification of the current consumer regulations that, on the one hand, extend from two to three years the legal guarantee of technological devices and on the other, increases from five to ten years the minimum time during which manufacturers are obliged to have spare parts after the product is discontinued.

Samsung promises three years of Android updates also for its A series

With this change in consumer regulations, when a product does not have the durability agreed between the company and the consumer, the latter You can choose between repairing or replacing it.

Another measure that the government has taken to protect the consumer and that this is not misled, is that the commercial guarantees that are included in the advertising will have priority over those of the declaration of the legal guarantee, provided they are more beneficial to the buyer.

Finally, this new regulation has also expanded three to five years the statute of limitations to exercise the rights that the buyer has when he is not satisfied with the purchase.

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This means that, from now on, if you buy an Android smartphone you will enjoy three year warranty and if you also bet on a Samsung or Nokia model, you will have insured, at least, three years of operating system updates and three years of monthly security patches.

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