New cyberattacks have taken down the websites of the INE and ministries such as Justice and the Interior for hours, and they continue to have problems

After the cyberattack suffered by the SEPE, and after which the agency has not fully recovered, the websites of public institutions such as the INE, the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of the Interior or the Ministry of the Economy have suffered drops for hours as a result of another wave of attacks, according to El Confidencial.

The origin of the attacks is unknown, but according to the aforementioned newspaper after speaking with government sources, It has not been a great cyber attack, but several synchronized and coordinated to try to take down the services of said websites. Sources from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation have confirmed to Xataka that, "in effect there was an attack yesterday that affected different organizations, but it is already corrected and work is being done normally."

The websites continue to present malfunctions even though they already load

At this time, as we have seen, the websites are not down, but for example, the Economy website loads slowly and the Justice website, in addition to loading slowly, requests identification with username and password, as we see in the image higher.

According to El Confidencial, the first to fall was that of the INE, on Thursday afternoon, becoming without service for more than 12 hours. It has recovered at 8 on Friday, and of the affected websites, its cover is the one that loads the fastest right now. The National Cryptological Center (CCN) is the one in charge of coordinating and analyzing cyberattacks, both to know the damage suffered by the systems and to try to restore normality.

This is Ryuk, the ransomware that has knocked out SEPE (and that knocked out many others before)

The SARA network has been one of the clearest targets of synchronized attacks. It is a service that is used in public administrations at various levels, even up to the European level, and in which information, data and infrastructure are shared between different institutions. It is a critical website in the operation of telematic procedures, since it provides services to electronic records, etc.

For the moment, It is unknown whether beyond the problems of operation of these websites, there has been data theft or if the thing has gone further and ransomware ransom is requested. We will update the news when we know more cases.

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