New Casio G-Squad Pro, features, price and technical sheet

The mythical Japanese electronic watch brand launches the Wear OS operating system in its line of heavy-duty devices: The Casio G-Squad Pro is on the way for wrists who need a heavy duty, off-road watch.

Smart watches or smartwatches made electronic brands jump into the segment of wrist devices, also the other way around: most traditional manufacturers, even luxury brands like Montblanc, already have a smartwatch in their catalog. And the Casio G-Squad Pro is the first bet of the G-Shock line for the Wear OS operating system: the proposal combines aggressive design and sporty specifications.

Casio G-Squad Pro Datasheet

Casio G-Squad Pro


1.32 inch round TFT LCD (320 x 300 pixel resolution)
Monochrome LCD


1.5 days of autonomy with the color screen
Up to a month in low power mode


Heart rate reader




15 activities
24 indoor workouts
Activity Register


High resistance (up to 20 ATM pressure)
Phone notifications
Compatible with Android and iOS


104 grams


703 euros to change

The first G-Shock with Wear OS is at the height in design and resistance

Casio G Squad Pro

There is no doubt looking at the photos of this new smartwatch: Casio has achieved a faithful heir to the G-Shock line, the section of its catalog that targets resistance and sports. Bold exterior design, style rugged, combination of materials, aluminum for the buttons and titanium for the base of the watch.

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While toughness is out of the question, the base hardware no longer shows as much security. We do not know the SoC used in the Casio G-Squad Pro, we do know its screen. Or their screens, in the plural: this new G-Shock offers dual screen, something similar to other watches, such as the TicWatch Pro 3. Of course, the Casio G-Squad Pro maintains a color TFT LCD screen for main panel, a not very efficient technology (and that raises doubts with the brightness in exteriors).

About the main screen the Casio G-Squad Pro overlays a monochrome LCD panel, perfect for not consuming energy and that is visible when the primary panel is turned off.

Casio G Squad Pro

The sports registration is one of the strengths of the new proposal: the count of the activity and the outside practices is covered. Also the one of the inner workouts: Casio says its G-Shock Squad Pro includes 24 indoor activity log. In addition, and thanks to its application, you can overprint the data recorded by the clock in the recordings made with the synchronized mobile; like speed and exercise time.

Casio G Squad Pro

The battery does not seem to be the strong point either: the average use is a day and a half with a charge, always according to Casio. Yes, it can be extended up to a month with the energy saving mode; which basically turns the Casio G-Squad Pro into a 'normal' watch.

Casio G-Squad Pro price and availability

The watch is official and has been confirmed its next sale in European countries, such as the United Kingdom. There it will be sold shortly at a price of 703 euros at the exchange rate (599 pounds).