More than 100GB of Phone House personal data released after cyberattack and blackmail

The Babuk group fulfills its blackmail to Phone House and publishes more than 100 GB with personal data of clients.

Cybersecurity is on everyone's lips, and it is that lately it seems that no company, no matter how big it is, get rid of hackers and their massive attacks, including even the Spanish Government that continues to have its employment offices semi-blocked.

This time, the last company to suffer a ransomware has been a telecommunications giant like Phone House, what was being blackmailed by hacker group Babuk that boasted of having obtained data from more than 3 million customers in the sales chain.

Cyberattack hacker to Phone House

The Babuk hacker group fulfills its blackmail and publishes data on 3 million Phone House customers.

A few hours ago, in fact, cybercriminals were true to their word by not having received any payment from Phone House, posting a first batch of 100GB of stolen data, among which was very sensitive customer information both direct from Phone House and from the company that outsources their mobile insurance.

It was published by fellow Lawyers on the Internet following the trail of El Confidencial, where they have even been able to access the published material to confirm that the data include full names, ID numbers, bank accounts or physical addresses, among other very important personal details.

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They said in fact from Babuk that they had up to 10 Phone House databases with private information of clients and employees, requesting a monetary ransom to prevent it from being published in the dark web all this information, which would also be sent to partners and competitors of the Phone House itself.

As we mentioned, the information is very important and so sensitive that contains a huge number of entries with all kinds of personal data, among which are for example:

  • Full name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • DNI
  • Bank account
  • Personal mobile phone
  • Email
  • Address of your personal residence
  • Company they work for
Cyberattack hacker to Phone House

This is a sample of the published data, which they have been able to access from El Confidencial.

From the first moment the threat was very clear, or Phone House agreed to the payment, without transcending a surely millionaire amount in addition to making effective, in all probability, in cryptocurrency, or the data would be published in the dark web and sent to competitors and partners of Phone House to force the company to the maximum possible.

In any case, for now the payment has not occurred and the first data has already been published, Without also having released information, official position or communications from Phone House about the attack or its aftermath, at least for now.

We will have to remain vigilant, not in vain Phone House is one of the largest telecommunications sales chains in all of Europe, and this cybercriminal attack can jeopardize important personal data of millions of customers and users, even many of our readers on Andro4all ... Be careful!

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