Mobile photography: 4 compelling reasons to stop using the flash in your shots

One of the biggest uses we give to smartphones today is to take pictures. Either as a souvenir or to upload them to social networks such as Instagram, one of the main reasons why choosing a smartphone model or another is for a few years now, its photographic section.

And it is that indeed smartphones have become the perfect substitutes for conventional compact cameras since, unlike these, we always carry our mobile in our pockets almost 24 hours a day.


If your photos go wrong, don't use the flash

However, there is a bad habit that many of us have when it comes to taking a photograph and that is using the device's flash. And it is that despite popular belief, the best pictures are usually taken without using this function.

Create reflections on surfaces

Photography with the Galaxy S21 Ultra

Avoid whenever you can use the flash of your smartphone

On more than one occasion you will have given when taking a photograph, the reflection of the flash comes out in the snapshot. Be it when taking pictures in mirrors, in people with glasses, rooms with windows and even in other surfaces such as plastics, there is always that damn flash.

For all this, in most cases it is better deactivate the flash and then not find strange glare or reflections that turn a good photograph into a tremendous disaster.

Better to use the advanced options of the camera app

Although most smartphone camera applications are quite simple to use, mastering them requires a little more time, knowledge and above all practice. Now when you get Not only are higher quality photographs achieved, but also almost entirely without the flash.

Adjusting the white balances, ISO, HDR and other options is much more recommended than activating the flash and taking the picture. Think that the flash is still a small LED that all it does is illuminate a small area with little control over it.

Remember also that if a photograph has not turned out as we want, we can always use one of the many editing apps that exist in the Google application store.

It is completely useless to use from a distance


Nor that using the flash would make you a better photographer

The flash of a smartphone does not have much range, that makes it practically useless to use it to take pictures of objects or situations that are far from us.

Honestly, before using the flash that will not do any good, much better to use the night mode that practically all phones currently have. Most likely, the results are far from perfect - most smartphone cameras are weak at night - but they will be much better than what we could get by activating only the flash.

Better take advantage of the environment

In this article in which we advised not to use the flash, one of the tricks we gave you was to take advantage of the environment that surrounds us.

If we are taking pictures at night in a city, surely in this there are hundreds of lights to take advantage of. As if that were not enough, we can always use the flashlight of a second mobile that we have at hand and even ask a friend for help. Either option is better than using the damn terminal flash.

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