Microsoft's Surface Duo reaches more European countries a year and a half after its presentation

Microsoft's foldable mobile will be sold only to business and educational customers in Europe

It was October 2019 when Microsoft showed the world its Android's first Surface device. Baptized as Microsoft Surface Duo, we were (and are) before a smartphone focused on a productivity, theoretically enhanced by its folding system with hinge in between.

Microsoft Surface Duo

The Surface Duo expands its availability to nine more European countries

Design comments aside, this Surface Duo was delaying its official launch throughout 2020, reaching the US market last SeptemberFrom there, the information about its sale in other markets has been coming to us with a dropper. However, it seems that as of today its availability is extended to practically all of Europe, yes, in principle only for businesses and educational clients.

Buying the Surface Duo in Europe is much easier

As announced Pete Kyriacou, Vice President of Devices at Microsoft (VP, Microsoft Devices), through a post on the US company's blog, the Surface Duo is now available in selected European markets, where it can be purchased by educational companies and clients Through official providers or the Microsoft website.

Thus, from today the foldable smartphone from Microsoft is for sale in the following countries:

  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Denmark
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Italy
  • Netherlands
  • Sweden
  • Swiss

This list is joined by the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, where the Surface Duo it was already available. At the moment, there is no news about his official sale in SpainAlthough it would be rare for Microsoft to exclude the country from commercialization.

Surface Duo and Surface Laptop 4, Microsoft bets on work

The market expansion of this Surface Duo in Europe comes together with the Surface Laptop 4, a new ultrathin laptop optimized for the “Microsoft experience”, which puts the focus, above all, on the use of Teams, Microsoft's professional communication tool.


Thus, in addition to promising a better performance in video callsThanks in part to an HD webcam and a powerful microphone system, it equips a PixelSense touch screen on two sizes: 13.5 and 15 inches. It includes Dolby Atmos sound, an 11th-generation Intel processor, and a lightweight, sophisticated design. You can check all its specifications on the Windows blog.

As with the Surface Duo at the time, this new Surface Laptop 4 will be sold only in the United States and Canada (and Japan) and will do so at a price that part of the $ 999.99.

For the rest, in addition to this "MacBook Air made in Microsoft" and the arrival of the Surface Duo to more countries in Europe, the company has submitted a variant of their Surface Headphones including cable with manual controls, a small USB-C speaker and one webcam, all of them accessories designed to get the most out of the boom of telecommuting.

The Android boss also uses the Microsoft Surface Duo

Finally, and in case there was any doubt, from Microsoft they have emphasized that both this new batch of accessories, as well as the Surface Duo and the Surface Laptop 4, are devices aimed at achieving better performance at work, offering a productive and versatile use, specially designed for hybrid environments. In other words: nothing new under the redmond sun

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