Microsoft Store Instagram app becomes a full PWA

The application of Instagram for Windows 10 from the Microsoft Store has been updated to become a full PWA. That is, it is a packaged version of the web application and makes use of the Chromium Edge installation process. U move that comes weeks after Facebook's return to the Windows app store also as a PWA.

This long-forgotten Instagram app update, it may be good news for those who also want to use this platform from their computer and with a consistent user experience similar to others.

This move can mean that updates arrive more often and faster, as new features are released.

Instagram embraces the Microsoft Store

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Although now the changes are not significant, what we find is basically a copy of the web, in the future the conversion into a complete PWA —which has been talked about for a long time— you can expect updates to arrive more often and faster, while adding new features that right now we can't find.

Currently, with the Instagram application for the Microsoft operating system, we can navigate, access our profile and edit, view and send direct messages, receive notifications, view stories, and so on.

The Instagram application for Windows 10 has the same functionalities as the platform's web application

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The most basic of this social network is not possible, which is to upload photos, a task for which we can resort to solutions such as the one proposed by Vivaldi or use the old trick of pressing F12 in our browser, selecting the view of a mobile device and, then, it will allow us to upload images.

To download Instagram for Windows 10 we only need to access the Microsoft Store and search for the application or access its page directly through this link.

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