Microsoft Edge keeps getting better and the included PDF reader is testing new features to become a must-have

Not so long ago, to read a PDF on a computer, most people inevitably thought of Adobe Acrobat. However, in a few years now the browsers They offer basic functionalities for reading this type of files and some that go beyond, like the ones Microsoft is testing.

Those of Redmond are preparing a notable improvement of the PDF reader included in their browser, Edge, which will allow us to resume reading one of these documents from the same place where we left it. Goodbye to having to go through the entire file in search of the part where we left it.

Microsoft Edge PDF reader is testing new features to go beyond a simple viewer

A PDF reader beyond the basics

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Currently, in both Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge, if we close a PDF that we are reading and reopen it immediately or after a certain time, it does not matter, what we find is the beginning of the document. It is the usual, also in Acrobat Reader.

What Microsoft is testing for Edge in previews and will likely reach users by the end of the year according to Windows Latest, who have detected this new feature, is that the reader returns us to the place where we stopped consulting a PDF. An excellent way not to lose the thread, especially when consulting extensive documents.

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Microsoft Edge will also include signature validation in its PDF reader

In addition to these outstanding features, the reader is also expected to improve when it comes to selecting text or scrolling through files. There will also be improvements in fluidity, a sidebar will be added in which to view thumbnails of the pages, a feature that the PDF reader integrated in Google Chrome already enjoys, and the signatures that the files contain will be able to be validated. Features that advanced PDF readers have, but it is not bad to enjoy in the integrated reader of our browser.

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