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LG will keep warranties and updates for its phones, including Android 12!

LG Spain confirmed this to us directly, stating that they will fulfill their commitments to users: guarantees, maintenance and updates are assured.

It was no surprise because after the frustrated sale rumors we all expected that from South Korea those responsible for LG would announce changes or even the closure of its mobile division, although the truth is that the fall of such an important firm in the mobile phone industry electronics is always bad news that leaves millions of users with a lot of doubts about your devices.

Yesterday we echoed some rumors spilled in the United States about LG's future support for its Android terminals, and although we all seemed skeptical, the truth is that we have good news to tell you, and also first hand: LG Spain confirms directly to us that its commitments to users will be maintained, and these words come from your Director of Communications in our country so that we can trust the most.

LG Wing, screen and interface.

The LG Wing, the last great contribution of the South Koreans in the mobile industry.

We had already told you, in fact, that the LG statements confirmed the maintenance of warranties and after-sales support, including security patches although without commenting anything about software updates, something that we now know including a roadmap primary on deadlines and dates for most of your mobiles ... If you want to know more, follow us below, now we will tell you everything!

LG says that some of its mobiles will receive Android 12 (but nobody has believed them)

LG will keep its commitments including software updates and… Android 12!

LG's Communications Department has been clear in this regard, stating that your commitments to users are paramount although on July 31, 2021, its LG Mobile division closes permanently. They say that your image is at stake, and as one of the largest consumer electronics manufacturers on the planet they can't afford to abandon their customers.

It sounds very logical, and is that LG has not actually left yet but will continue to sell the stock of available smartphones between now and summer, assuring its new users that they will have warranty according to regulations of each market, after-sales support with availability of parts and repairs, plus updates both security and software.

We did not expect less from LG with the guarantees, but the South Korean manufacturer also promises us that Android 12 will be available soon for its last two most important devices: LG Wing and LG Velvet.

LG VELVET 5G, presentation

LG Velvet 5G and its iconic design, a neat smartphone that however failed to convince.

Regarding the upgrade plans, they tell us that The deadlines to have Android 12 are not closedWell obviously not even Google has released the stable versions of the latest android flavor that is still in the oven. We do know that it will come to the LG Wing and LG Velvet exclusively.

The other terminals will follow this upgrade planning that transfer us directly from LG Spain:

  • LG Velvet.- Android 11 (R)> Updated.
  • LG Wing.- Android 11 (R)> Q4-2021.
  • LG K61.- Android 10 (Q)> Updated.
  • LG K52.- Android 11 (R)> End Q3-2021.
  • LG K51S.- Android 10 (Q)> Updated.
  • LG K42.- Android 11 (R)> Q4-2021.
  • LG K41S.- Android 10 (Q)> Updated.
  • LG V50.- Android 11 (R)> Q3-2021.
  • LG G8x.- Android 11 (R)> End Q2-2021.
  • LG G8s.- Android 11 (R)> End Q3-2021.
  • LG Velvet 4G.- Android 11 (R)> Q3-2021.

So that, If you have an LG, don't think about throwing it away or forgetting it in the drawer, because the exit of the mobile market of the South Korean manufacturer does not mean abandonment to your customers and your users that they will continue to be able to enjoy their LG smartphones with confidence. It is undoubtedly an important gesture and we all thank an LG that wants to ensure its image.

In addition, its Director of Communications told us that the decision to exit the smartphone market is hard and very thoughtful, but that the opportunity to focus on more profitable markets and those that are leaders weighed too much Regarding continuing to try in an industry where margins are low and highlighting today is excessively complex.

If this is a good decision or not, we will know in time, but at least LG is not breaking dishes but ensuring the future for its users ... Good news!

LG exits the smartphone market

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