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LG promises up to three years of Android updates on its most premium mobiles

We started the month of April with bad news: LG left the mobile market after linking a good number of quarters with losses. LG's mobile division will be phased out until July 31, when the existing inventory of handsets will continue to be sold. Now, LG has decided clarify doubts about Android updates from its terminals.

In a press release, LG agrees to up to three years of Android updates for its more premium terminals launched from 2019 onwards. Some models in more modest ranges will receive two years of updates.

Three years of updates for LG

Better late than never, LG joins the list of manufacturers that extend update support to Android beyond the two years that had been established as an unwritten rule, like Samsung. On the occasion of the cessation of activity in the mobile telephony sector of LG, the company has wanted to "reassure" its current and future customers, at least in terms of support for updates.

If during the initial announcement of the closure of LG mobile the company promised to "continue supporting users of mobile products [..] and respect the current policy of software and operating system updates ", has now decided to clarify and increase support. Up to three years, although only for its most cutting-edge terminals.

Up to three years of Android updates for LG's high-end: LG G, LG V, LG Velvet and LG Wing

Specifically, the LG G, LG V, LG Velvet and LG Wing launched from 2019 will receive up to three Android updates from the year of purchase. Although as it is expressed it may seem that if you buy an LG G8s with Android 9 today, you will receive Android 14 in 2023, it would be normal to use the launch year as the base and not the purchase year.

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Other more modest terminals, such as LG Stylo or LG K will receive two operating system updates, depending, as always, on external factors such as the Google calendar or the compatibility and performance of each device.

Similarly, LG has emphasized that will continue to manufacture terminals during the second quarter to fulfill its commitments and that its terminals will continue to be for sale, with its support and security updates, as always. For specific details about each terminal and its support, LG recommends users to contact its customer service in each region.

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