Learn JavaScript by creating eight simple and classic video games that you can add to your portfolio

Courtesy of the folks at freeCodeCamp we have this little JavaScript course through which instructor Ania Kubow will teach you how to build a stack of fairly basic and classic video games that use grids.

Through the two hour long tutorial You are going to participate in the creation of seven great games with minimal styles, to which you can add your own personal touch at the end to make them more yours and you can proudly include them in your portfolio.

Basic JavaScript creating video games


The games you are going to create are the Classic Nokia mobile snake, Space Invaders, Tetris, Frogger, Connect Four, Whack-a-mole, and a memory game. The tutorial is separated by game and from each one you will create a different level.

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The code for each and every project is available on GitHub:

In the video, they will teach you multiple JavaScript methods and functions that you can then use to create and customize your own levels. You can always expand your knowledge with freeCodeCamp's full courses and certifications that are completely free. These types of videos are usually additional resources to put what you are learning into practice.

If you find this tutorial useful, I also recommend another video from the same instructor where you can learn to create your own PACMAN using JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.