it's all whatsapp's fault

They may be spying on you on WhatsApp, and the only culprit for it is ... WhatsApp.

Spying on WhatsApp has become one of the techniques most used by "gossips" and stalkers from all over the world to know when they connect, who they talk to, and what kind of messages they send your contacts .. Or people who are not among your contacts. For that reason, more and more web pages and tools They promise to give you the ability to access this type of information.

It was precisely the administrator of one of these web pages who, in an interview with Motherboard, explained that the fault that there is the possibility of "spying" on the status of any contact on WhatsApp, It is from the company behind the instant messaging app. And it doesn't look like that's going to change.

Spy WhatsApp

Websites to spy on WhatsApp have been emerging in recent months.

The status of WhatsApp, a mine for the "cyber hatches"

Researchers specialized in cybersecurity already warned some time ago that the WhatsApp real-time status function It could pose a risk to the privacy of users, as it is not possible to deactivate it despite making the activity of the people who use the service public.

And it is that, by default, WhatsApp changes users' status to "Online" automatically when they open the application. According to the researchers, this status indicator is information that may be useful for stalkers, who seek any way to obtain information from users and monitor their activity. They even reach generate usage reports based on user habits, indicating which are the most frequent hours of activity, and many of the apps of this type give the option of receive push notifications when a person connects.

This is, in fact, the function that the website to spy on WhatsApp which the aforementioned administrator was talking about. States that the only reason this type of tool exists is because WhatsApp allows it. So much so, that they encourage the company to remove this function to prevent this type of profit from continuing to proliferate.

“We believe that WhatsApp should eliminate access to online statuses of numbers that are not mutual contacts. This is the only reason why we can operate, if they do, we and all the other applications that do the same will not be able to operate ”.

One of the apps that allow you to monitor WhatsApp activity

Screenshots of an app to spy on WhatsApp.

It is worth mentioning that, to this day, there is no option to disable automatic status change, not even hiding the last connection time in WhatsApp: every time we interact in a WhatsApp chat, the status will become "online", and there is no way around it.

Despite this, the person in charge of one of the tools indicates that Facebook does not make it easy, and that in most cases reaches discover and suspend these types of applications and websites leaving them useless. Still, the company is reluctant to end the problems by disabling this feature, claiming that being able to see if a contact is online "provides a sense of closeness when friends and family are chatting with each other."

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