Instagram will finally help us avoid abusive DMs by hiding them in a hidden folder

Although Instagram has long had a filter that divides our direct messages between those that come from our friends, versus the DMs of accounts that we do not follow, this doesn't stop that request inbox from getting cluttered with all sorts of unwanted horrors.

This is especially problematic for accounts with many followers, causing the user to have to manually navigate through those requests and have to deal with the potential abuse within them. That is why the platform will finally start offering a new filter that automatically blocks requests for offensive messages and hides them in a hidden folder.

We will be able to create a specific list of words that we do not want to see in our DM requests

Instagram Dms

The new tool that, apparently we will have to activate manually when available, it will automatically filter DM requests that contain offensive words, phrases, and emojis, so we never have to see them.

This tool focuses on DM requests, because this is where people often receive abusive messages, as opposed to the normal DM inbox, where you receive messages from friends. It will work in a similar way to the comment filters that Instagram already offers, that is, those that allow you to hide offensive comments and choose the terms that you do not want people to use in the comments of your publications.

The new function can be activated and deactivated in a new dedicated section of your privacy settings called Hidden Words or Hidden Terms. All messages that are filtered, either because they contain the words that Instagram blocks by default, or those from your own list of banned terms, will end up in a separate folder apart from the message requests.

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If at any point you decide to open that folder, the text will be covered so you don't have to see the offending content, unless you voluntarily touch it to expose it, this is in case you want to report the message, accept the request or delete it.

Besides this, Instagram will be making it harder for stalkers to keep sending messages to an account that has blocked them. They have announced a new measure to prevent a person you have blocked from contacting you again through a new account.

These news, which will be reaching all users in the coming weeks, are in addition to other announcements that Instagram has made in recent months to combat abuse in direct messages, such as the commitment to permanently close user accounts that have this behavior, or prevent adults from sending messages to minors.

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