In Europe and Latin America no one knows this mobile brand, in Africa it has surpassed Samsung

When you think about the mobile phone brands that sell the most units, companies like Apple, Xiaomi, Huawei or Samsung come to mind. Especially the latter, which is today the "largest" brand in the smartphone market.

Now, do you know that Samsung has been surpassed on a specific continent? And no, it has not been neither by Apple, nor by Huawei nor by the popular Xiaomi but by a really unknown brand.

Samsung is overtaken by Tecno in Africa


An “unknown” brand is the one that reigns in Africa

According to a new report by Counterpoint and despite the fact that Samsung is a leader in sales in practically all territories, in Africa it has been overtaken by a brand called Tecno.

Tecno, owned by Transsion, acquired up to 18% of the total sales of smartphones in Africa during the past year 2020. The success of these numbers is obviously and how could it be otherwise, are their devices that are quite cheap. On the other hand, Samsung has 15% of total sales while Huawei barely 8%.

But these data for 2020 must be compared with those of 2019. Tecno has gone from 17% to 18% while Samsung and Huawei have fallen from 18% to 15% and from 10 to 8% respectively. Figures that give a lot of value to what Tecno is achieving in said market.

And what about Xiaomi? What is possibly one of the brands with the best value for money on the market, has gone from having 2% of the market to 4%, ahead of Apple and Realme, which shows that Africa can be a fairly important market for the Chinese firm in the near future.

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