Improve the Wi-Fi of your Xiaomi smartphone with this MIUI trick

Improve the Wi-Fi connection of your Xiaomi smartphone with this simple trick.

Although the telephone rates are increasingly increasing the number of gigabytes for less money, The truth is that wherever there is a good Wi-Fi connection, the rest is removed.

However, the Wi-FI connection may not be as stable as one would like and even sometimes, it may not go as fast as one would like. Luckily and always when we have a Xiaomi smartphone –that there are few who have it–, we can improve the quality of our Wi-Fi connection with a simple and quick trick. Do not miss it!

How to improve the Wi-Fi of your Xiaomi smartphone: quick and easy!

MIUI Xiaomi

With this simple trick you will improve the Wi-Fi connection of your XIaomi

For this we only have to follow the advice they give us from the official Xiaomi forum in Spanish. As you well know, One of the advantages of MIUI is that it has a multitude of options and functions that stock Android lacks and we are going to take advantage of this.

One of them is called “Search for Bluetooth devices” which what it does is allow applications to search for nearby devices. This function, which is activated despite having bluetooth deactivated, can not only consume the battery of our mobile device but also cause interference. The best solution? Disable it.

Do you have a Xiaomi? Well shake it up! Surely you did not know this hidden MIUI trick

For this only we have to perform the following steps:

  • Settings -> Search
  • In the search bar of the settings we write "bluetooth"
  • We look for the option called "Search for Bluetooth devices", click on it and deactivate it

In less than a minute and following these simple steps, We will verify that the Wi-Fi connection of our Xiaomi terminal improves substantially, something that will come in handy if we are always connected to this type of network.

Besides that, we also have more tricks. We can follow these 5 tips from Google to improve our Wi-Fi connection at home and if you have been left with more desire for Xiaomi, we leave you the best tricks for your device. Enjoy them!

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