If you have an iPhone, Samsung wants you to try One UI with this app that transforms the iOS interface

Samsung iTest will momentarily turn your iPhone's interface into that of a Galaxy ... so you don't jump out without trying!

Always is a complicated decision to change smartphones, even more so if the jump includes a new platform from iOS to Android or vice versa, then We have been on the phone for almost our entire lives and it is not easy to give up services to which we are accustomed or migrate them all from the Apple ecosystem, more closed, to the sea of ​​options available on Android.

They know it in Samsung, they have wanted help Apple users who want to try the Galaxy experience launching an interactive web application that presented us with macrumors, and that is capable of momentarily convert the interface of an iPhone into that of a high-performance Samsung with its One UI, its graphics, some applications and everything you need.

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With iTest from Samsung, it is now possible to test One UI on any iPhone ... Get rid of doubts before the change!

Not in vain, it is that perhaps it is Samsung who most resembles Apple and iOS with a more complete proprietary software on Android, offering a homogeneous experience with a lot of added value, adding an interface that has been simplified over time until achieve a very high level of satisfaction for fluency, depth of services and general experience.

So, surely it is not a bad idea to offer a tool with which to test the experience before the change, so we are going to tell you how does this from Samsung iTest work which has been presented in New Zealand.

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What is Samsung iTest, and how can I test it?

Well, iTest is an interactive web experience specifically designed for Apple users can access a functional One UI interface simply installing the requested app once you access the website that we link to you.

Once this is done, you can start the app from the iPhone home screen, running a simulated desktop of a Samsung Galaxy smartphone with a selection of functional applications and lots of options perfectly selectable and functional configuration settings.

If you have an iPhone, Samsung wants you to try One UI with this app that transforms the iOS interface

Thanks to iTest you will be able to test how a One UI desktop works, but not only that, because also it is possible to access the Galaxy Store, Samsung Themes, apply themes and even open messages and other phone applications.

You will even receive simulated calls and messages, and also some tutorials are available as a complete guide to the camera by photographer Logan Dodds, explaining all the advanced options and news.

Samsung has not wanted to leave anyone with doubts, so obviously it will be possible to test even Galaxy Wearables as if you had any of the smart accessories of the South Korean brand, and there are also tutorials for Samsung Kids and Samsung Health, two of the software platforms most used by Samsung users.

The web application is now uploaded and accessible to anyone with an Apple phone, becoming one of the best ways to test the experience of a Galaxy mobile especially if we are doubting the change of platform ... If Samsung has even made some jokes!

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